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Running with changes of pace: 4 benefits that will surprise you

Running with changes of pace: 4 benefits that will surprise you
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Running with changes of pace: 4 benefits that will surprise you

If you want to make the most of your training hours, you must know that there is a secret that will help you achieve it: to change your rhythm. In truth, it is one of the basic premises to make your training as effective and advantageous as possible. With these changes in intensity, you will be able to improve your endurance, your speed and, at the same time, burn more calories.

So, as you can review, combining different rhythms and intensities is essential to get the most out of your running sessions. That’s why, in this article we’re going to discover four benefits of running with changes in pace that will help you understand why it’s the best workout you can do.

Why train with changes of pace?

To spend 1 hour running without changing the intensity at any moment is not, in the least, advisable. Keep in mind that our body is very intelligent and quickly adjusts to the energetic demands you ask of it. Thus, it manages to spend as little as possible to have more saved and avoid us spending the reserves.

Running with changes of pace: 4 benefits that will surprise you

However, if we want to lose weight, improve our stamina and suppress saturated fats, nothing better than to avoid the body getting used to this level of demand. And this can only be achieved through changes in rhythm. It is for this reason that it is very advantageous to design a training routine that combines different intensities and, now, we will analyze the benefits of running with changes of pace so that you know them better.

1. Avoid getting used to the body

One of the primary benefits of running with a training of different intensities (or also known as “fartlek“) will help the body is working at the limit level throughout the training. And for this reason, we will ensure that the time we devote to the exercise is used one hundred per cent.

2. Improve your stamina

Another of the benefits of running with changes of pace is that our body, working throughout the entire workout, manages to become more resistant and stronger. If the body becomes accustomed to exercise, its level of demand reduces and, consequently, works less. On the other hand, if we surprise him every two or three minutes, we will achieve that all the time he is working to the limit.

Running with changes of pace: 4 benefits that will surprise you

3. Improve your speed

When you run and decide to start making fartlek, one of the ways to regulate the intensity is by increasing the speed. The “sprints” are races of short duration but of great speed that manages to astonish the body and to make that it must work very much. If you gain speed by running, over time, it will make you much more accustomed to high speeds and, consequently, you can progressively increase your speed.

4. You burn more fat.

And finally, this training with intensity changes is also ideal for burning more calories and therefore more supersaturated fat. The reason is that our body will not become accustomed to the demand for energy and, therefore, it will have to spend all the time spending the energy reserve it has stored (that is, the supersaturated fat) to satisfy the intensity that we ask.

Tips for training with rhythm changes

As you can see, there are many benefits to running with changes of rhythm and, consequently, it is convenient that you begin to guide your trainings following this modality. But, to do it, now we are going to leave you certain essential tips to run with changes of rhythm and also intensity that you are going to have to take into consideration to take care of your health.

  • Progressive changes: as the saying goes “Rome was not made in a couple of days” so don’t overdo it and see applying this training format progressively. The best way to start running with changes in pace is to start by combining five-minute blocks of normal running with two minutes of stronger intensity so that your body is activated.
  • Accelerate the rhythm progressively: to avoid injuring yourself or damaging your muscles, it is essential that you adjust the level of training to your physical level. That is, you don’t want to run at a speed of twenty but, much better, you start by setting the high intensity to level ten or twelve and, little by little, you go up.
  • A training adapted to you: it is much better that you create a routine adapted to your level and your state of form and that, little by little, you are advancing. You will see that, in a short time, you can support more minutes running at high intensity and that your body will also be asking you for more speed. Go listen to your body and don’t push yourself too hard.

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