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Runs in spring with the best glasses

Runs in spring with the best glasses
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The first races under the sun are one of the sensations that most please the runners. Specifically, spring is one of the seasons of the year where more people go out to run. The sun warms just enough to give you a pleasant, but not excessive, feeling of warmth. But don’t you think that you lack something to start in the best way?

Runs in spring with the best glasses

Sunscreen is one of the first things to consider when running outdoors. The rays penetrate the skin and the eyes are victims of the solar reflections; for this reason, to be able to strengthen the race and to get rid of this type of obstacles, you need good running glasses.

Smith optics, brings you the best options you can find in the sports eyewear market. With more than fifty years of designing thermal lenses, today it ranks among the best manufacturers of specialized lenses. One of its main peculiarities are its oleophobic crystals that repel water and dirt, as well as being moldable and interchangeable. It is for this reason that to acquire a Smith lenses, it is homonymous of innovation and of durability.

Specifically the new PivLock Are Max, can become your star acquisition this season. Comfort, integration capacity and outstanding design qualities will make this model a complement to your races.

They have been developed to respond to the demands of those athletes, who seek a lighter model with an enormous sun protection, even the sun’s rays that hit laterally. Many of these peculiarities are given thanks to its ergonomic frame, the width of the glasses and the 2 situations of the nasal pillows, which cause a greater adaptation and adjustment to any kind of semblant.

The most surprising detail is the possibility of conjugating three genres of crystals. In this way, you will be able to change your lenses, to maximize your vision according to the instant of the day in which you perform the exercise.

How to exchange crystals to take advantage of light?
  • Reddish: It is one of the most recommended crystals for extremely radiant days.
  • Transparent: It is indicated for when there is not too much light and the day is ending.
  • Dark: Together with the reddish, this color is ideal for when the sun is at its highest. You can also use them when running on other surfaces such as the beach or the forest.

In addition, its lightweight and subtle design will offer you a perfect fit for any activity. In truth, they are indicated even for more extreme sports such as Cycling or Trial running.

We believe that Smith Pivlock will guarantee you a loyal commitment to your sacrifice and dedication, accompanying you in each and every training as if it were a part of you. To our enteder, it is a very complete model with own finishes of lenses of high possibilities to truly competitive costs.

The success of achieving good lenses begins with the commitment of a company that gives them to you. Congafasdesol, is the first web In Spain that offers you delivery in 24h in a huge number of products and has more than thirty brands of trend, including sports.

Runs in spring with the best glasses

The design of your page will make it easier for you to choose, structured by brands and different utilities you will find what you are looking for considerably faster. In case you get confused, the refund is absolutely free. So, is there anything stopping you from getting new glasses this spring?

Buying your favorite lenses for your next career is a reality!

Runs in spring with the best glasses

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