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Should I have a protein shake?

Should I have a protein shake?
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I’m sure ninety-nine percent of you have ever heard of protein shakes. Many of you have even taken them.

Should I have a protein shake?

Most of us know it’s a supplement and so it’s natural. In other words, protein shakes are generated from whey. Here you have more info about it.

So for each and every one of you who think they are bad, artificial, etc. you are wrong.

That said, let’s get down to the question: Should I have a protein shake?

The answer depends. I’ll explain.

Everyone, regardless of their objective, their anatomical composition, their physical activity, age, etc. needs their daily ration of kilocalories, proteins, fats and also carbohydrates (part of the rest of the micronutrients: fibre, vitamins, minerals?).

Then we will put a case of a person who, for his physical peculiarities, objective and others needs a ration of 200gr of protein a day.

To provide those grams of protein we will need to eat the relevant amount of foodstuffs containing it: chicken meat, beef, pork, white fish, blue fish, egg, turkey, milk, youghourt, cheese? etc.
100gr of chicken breast contains more or less 20gr of protein. Therefore, if we eat 100gr we would still lack 180gr to reach those 200gr daily. If we eat 200gr we would have 40gr of protein so we would lack 160gr.

To this must be added the relevant amount of other foodstuffs mentioned above until such time as, in its entirety and with its relevant amount (fundamental this) we have provided the 200gr of protein daily that it requires.

Should I have a protein shake?

I hope you have noticed the relevance not only of the food we eat but also of its QUANTITY.

Well, there are people who, for some reasons or others, are unable to reach that amount of protein with solid food. So be it, they are not hungry, they are tired of eating so much meat/fish/etc? and this is where protein shakes come into play.

Protein shakes are an edible, yes, edible powder that is mixed with liquid and gives us X amount of protein according to the amount we use. So, if with our solid nutrition we only get to ingest 150gr of protein? we must ingest as much amount of shake to contain those 50gr surplus (this can be done in 1 take or two takes, it is indifferent).

This way we would already have the 200gr of protein we need.

There are more things to consider and among them is the quality of those protein shakes. As with everything in this life, there is good, bad, very bad, normal and very good quality.

If we spend money on something that is to ingest our body that is less than quality. It’s the same with groceries. It is not exactly the same to eat a precooked food for a lot of protein that contains that a home edible without additives, sweeteners, preservatives, etc..

That’s why we have to be very careful about the brand of protein we eat. Here I speak totally of everything that happens with the marks and the care that you must have.

Finally, one last thing must be taken into consideration:

Should I have a protein shake?

Assuming that the protein shake we consume is of quality, we need to know that the protein we are ingesting is going to be used one hundred percent by our body. For what reason? Because the biological value of this is higher than any other edible. This is, of the 20gr that possess 100gr of chicken breast, our body will not take advantage of the one hundred percent, but rather a lower percent, instead with the protein shakes of QUALITY if you are going to take advantage of it.

(In the previous link I explain it also).

So? maybe it’s better to add a few grams of protein a day in a shake, right?
To sum up:

If the smoothies are of quality? if it is good to contribute a certain quantity of them to our nutrition.

Protein shakes are natural.

The protein shakes are not bad being of quality, what is harmful is an excess of protein. If we need to consume 200gr and we also ingest considerably more? we are going to have arduous problems, but they are not inconvenient for ingesting proteins of milkshake but rather for an excess of protein in general with independence of the milkshakes.

Therefore, if you want to include protein shakes in your nutrition you must have a PERSONALIZED diet so that you know how many grams of protein you should eat in such a way that you do not exceed or fall short. You shouldn’t incorporate shakes into your nutrition this way.

I hope you have found it useful and any doubt leave it in the comments that I will gladly answer 🙂

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