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Should you include egg whites in your sports diet?

Should you include egg whites in your sports diet?
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Eggs are an essential part of most people’s diet. However, this edible has a bad reputation and there is a lot of misunderstanding about this product. Should you include egg whites in your athlete’s diet? Logically, yes, and now we’re going to explain why.

Should you include egg whites in your sports diet?

For starters, egg whites are a great source of protein. It is a bioavailable product that contains all the ghost of amino acids and is a very common alternative for breakfast protein for many athletes. On the other hand, the most frequent health concerns about eggs from the perspective of athletes and the consumer usually revolve around cholesterol and its link to strokes.

It is necessary to clarify certain aspects about eggs in order to make users see, whether they are athletes or not, that including egg whites in the diet is an intelligent and highly recommended alternative. Continue reading!

Whites and eggs in the diet of athletes

We’ll start by clarifying the most obvious thing about taking egg whites if you’re a sportsman: eating egg whites won’t cause a heart attack. Dietary cholesterol is not an essential determinant of circulating cholesterol. Most of the circulating cholesterol is generated by the liver, not the cholesterol in groceries. This is actually an essential nutrient for the production of hormones, including testosterone. In a scientific way we would affirm that it helps the liver to generate, absorb and digest fats and vitamins if taken in moderation. In any case, eggs only increase “good” cholesterol.

We’re also not 100 percent sure that blood cholesterol is related to heart problems. These days, there simply isn’t a strong enough relationship between eggs, dietary cholesterol and heart disease.

Should you include egg whites in your sports diet?

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So they are an inexpensive and safe source of protein, but are there more benefits when their intake is given to athletes? Eggs are typically associated with B vitamins, and are a huge source of vitamins B1, B2 (riboflavin), B6, and B12. They also have plenty of choline, an essential “vitamin-like” nutrient that is related to B vitamins and is used by athletes to delay fatigue in endurance sports.

Eggs are also a great source of zinc, which optimizes testosterone production. And a fairly good source of magnesium, which is related to better restoration throughout training and better quality sleep. What people are not accustomed to associate with eggs is the abundance of lutein and zeaxanthin, antioxidants that concentrate in the yolk, strongly related to eyes, skin and general health.

Should you include egg whites in your sports diet?

Egg whites: late or early to train?

Many questions arise about what to eat before and after training. In truth, you may want to know the best time to take egg white protein. Apart from consulting your doctor or dietician, you should know that you can take egg whites even before training, specifically 2 or 3 hours before exercise, so that the body has time to digest proteins and can build muscle little by little.

Also, eating egg whites thirty minutes after training will help you to strengthen your muscles more quickly and strengthen them. However, it is essential that you moderate your consumption and be well informed about the amount of egg whites that you can consume per day, depending on your physical conditions and nutritional needs.

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