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Should you take your cell phone to the gym?

Should you take your cell phone to the gym?
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Mobile devices are part of our routine life and it is difficult for us to separate from them even when we are playing sports. Taking your mobile phone to the gym or leaving it in your bag is a personal choice that has both advantages and disadvantages. Get to know them and decide!

There are so many utilities that the mobile phone has become practically indispensable, but being aware of the phone can make you not pay due attention to what you do at a given moment.

There are different beliefs. Some personal trainers and monitors find that the mobile phone in the gym is a distraction that can cause your sports performance to drop significantly. Others, on the other hand, are in favour of taking advantage of it as long as it is used as another tool to help you progress and achieve your goals.

Distraction element or device with practical and useful applications to carry out your activity? That is the question. Taking your cell phone to the gym is neither good nor bad in itself. It all depends on how you use it.

Pros and cons of mobile training at the gym

Take a look at this short list of considerations about whether or not to take your mobile phone with you while you train and see how your mobile phone works when you exercise. This will make it easier for you to decide what else is right for you.

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1. Many devices have applications that are a great help when it comes to training. Counter of the calories you are burning, control of your heart rate, data on the number of repetitions made, on the minutes spent training in each and every machine or on the evolution of the weight you get to lift in each and every session? Undoubtedly, and in the same way that if you decide to run with your mobile phone, there are applications that are an advantage when it comes to keeping track of your routines and your progress in the gym.

2. In the face of so much technology, it should also not be forgotten that many people take their mobile phones to the fitness room with the sole aim of training while listening to music. If your soundtrack helps you exercise with more drive and motivation, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t.

3. Most trainers are opposed to the use of mobile phones in the gym for other functions, which these devices have, which have little to do with sports activity. Reading the emails and whatsapps messages, while you rest for a few seconds in between, or even while cycling or running on the treadmill, is not the best way to concentrate on the effort you’re making and on your success.

4. Taking your mobile phone to the gym can cause you to waste valuable time taking calls or answering messages. If you spend 2 or 3 hours a week taking care of yourself while doing sports, you should not give up that time that gives you health and well-being. Focus on yourself, enjoy the physical exercise and leave your mobile! (Nothing happens because you will see the messages a few minutes later).

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5. Your device can become your worst”enemy” by continuously interrupting your training. If you’re one of those people who ever hears the incoming sound of messages and stop doing whatever it takes to attend to it, it’s best not to train with your mobile phone. Your routine has a rhythm, a series of exercises and seconds of rest that you must follow without interruptions to achieve your perfect performance.

6. Finally, remember that excessive dependence on mobile phones is never good. Sport helps to relieve tension and stress, and in this sense, doing so without having to keep an eye on your mobile phone will make your session in the gym meet every hope.

In short, if the mobile phone is useful for you when you’re training, there’s no problem in taking it to the gym, but if it becomes the protagonist, preventing you from concentrating on your routine… you better leave it at home!

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