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Can you imagine losing weight in your sleep? Since it's true, your body's rest is directly related to your weight. Although it is true that, to maintain the line, physical exercise and diet are 2 basic points, specialists point out that the quality of your sleep is also a determining factor in your fitness plan.

Sleeping slims down. In short, more sleep makes you less hungry and therefore less hungry. Still not believing it? I'll prove it to you on these five points.

1. You eat less

Many people think that appetite is related to willpower and that to supervise it, all you have to do is monitor your impulses. That's not appropriate. The feeling of hunger is controlled by 2 hormones (leptin and ghrelin) and sleep is the best way to regulate it.

Leptin is the hormone that tells your brain it's fed up. Ghrelin, on the other hand, is the hormone that simulates hunger. Lack of sleep or poor sleep quality directly affects these 2 hormones, reducing leptin levels and increasing ghrelin levels. A recent study in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism found that people who did not sleep well ate up to 300 more calories than those who had adequate rest.

2. You cause fat accumulation

After a night of restful sleep, your head feels considerably clearer and ready to work at its best... The truth is, that kind of night has amazing benefits for body and psyche. It's been proven that overwhelm and anxiety complicate, and in many ways, weight loss. When you feel anxious, apart from having more simplicity to fall into whims and gummies, your body tends to produce more coristol. This hormone, which is activated with stress, raises blood sugar levels and causes the metabolism to absorb more fat than normal. The purpose here is to suppress burdens and sleep is undoubtedly the best way to end these inconveniences.

3. Fat cell suppression

Unlike the previous case, I'm sure you've woken up feeling exhausted at some point. This happens when you are short of sleep and, apart from affecting your brain, has essential consequences for your metabolism. A study by the City University of Chicago found that after four days of insufficient rest, the body's ability to self-regulate insulin loses up to 30 percent of its efficiency.

The rest succeeds in suppressing fat. Many specialists agree that lack of sleep predisposes the body to obesity or cardiovascular disease. In addition to this, another curious fact is that by sleeping, not only are the accumulation of fat eliminated, but also, calories are burned. According to research in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, sleep burns up to five percent more calories than resting.

4. Gives you more energy

It is obvious to meditate that physical rest helps you to face the day with more energy. After a night of restful sleep, you are able to approach your training plan with much better predisposition and, as a result, performance in the gym is higher. Aside from recharging your energy for the day afterward, getting a good night's sleep helps you to have a proper and convenient mood.

What is clear is that if you manage to build muscle you will fight excess fat. And, to achieve muscle, there are 2 important things: to work to achieve it and to rest when you have worked it. Rest the body after a hard training session is a precise step to complete your bodybuilding process. In addition to this, it is proven that fatigue lowers the levels of your body's synthesis, the proteins responsible for building muscle.

5. Helps you eat better

Going to the super hungry or fatigued makes you get considerably more calories. A Harvard Medical School study found that the brain has less ability to control itself in front of the calorie food when it sleeps little. People who have slept poorly have a less resilient brain reaction in front of a plate of high content food than people who have rested well. This is because the prefrontal cortex, the area responsible for regulating behavior, is more inhibited.

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