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If you run frequently and already have a good level of training, it's not uncommon for running to become a bit monotonous. If this happens to you, it's important to break with the routine when you go for a run so you don't fall into demotivation and end up throwing in the towel early.

There comes a time when you always and under all circumstances go through exactly the same route, at exactly the same time and over the same period of time you become listless. The organism gets used to a related level of demand in each and every race and stagnation does not take long to appear. Not seeing progress in your training and knowing the route by heart makes you not feel like wearing your shoes too much. You need a change now!

How to change your running routine

Running day by day is a healthy habit that should not be repeated. You have plenty of resources to move your running training around and keep it from happening. To combat running apologies, try for example:

Change your route

Take advantage of running to explore your city and plan new urban trails. If you already know the situation of each curb, each hole and each street lamp that includes your route, it is the moment to move. If you always and under all circumstances run flat, go through sloping or unbalanced areas and, if you can, take a walk on a surface other than asphalt. A race through the countryside, or through a park or garden, is a great way to change.

Do a different workout every day

You can break the routine at the moment of running by alternating the long-distance running, prolonged in time and at a constant rhythm, with another based on short series. You can also opt, once a week, for workouts that include high intensity intervals (HIIT). Moving the rhythms in the race is the best way to not get bored running and to progress your records.

Practice cross-training

There are many runners who do it to avoid falling into the routine when running. Combining running with other sports activities such as swimming, cycling or power walking (a good brisk crossing), avoids monotony and always and in all circumstances gives great results.

Coach Fartlek

Fartlek is a Swedish training technique based on"playing" with distance and speed to increase power and endurance. One day a week you can do a training of these peculiarities combining, for example: three hundred meters of fast race + two hundred meters of trot + thirty seconds of rest + two hundred meters in slope? Set your plan according to objectives and change!

Some ideas for running away from monotony

If you have set out to end the routine in running, keep in mind that the key is not only in the training itself, but rather in small details that also influence. Try changing your schedule. If you go running every morning, surprise your body with a race at sunset. You will see that your environment and your journey look different.

Another good idea to keep the routine from settling into your favourite sport is to practice it, from time to time, in company. Running with a friend or together increases motivation. You can also take up small challenges or try out some tests so that the"little worm" of the competition can serve as a stimulus.

Some runners turn to music to break their running routine. You can try wearing your soundtrack while you play sports and review results.

Finally, remember that sometimes the routine is installed in the moments before the race, that is, during warm-up. If you always and under all circumstances do exactly the same exercises and stretches before and after running, you will get bored. You have a multitude of options to warm up for running, as enjoyable as it is effective. The essential thing is to change so that you start the race with the extra motivation that drives you to continue.

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