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If your goal is to lose weight, including high intensity intervals in your routine is a great way to stay in shape and take off extra pounds. Optimize your efforts and find out how to lose weight with HIIT training now.

High Intensity Interval Training are the words that respond to the initials HITT, a term used little by little more often, which defines a very specific way of training, probably the most effective when it comes to burning calories and accumulated fat.

HIIT training helps you lose weight while increasing power and endurance in any sport. Adding extra time to your running, swimming, cycling or any other aerobic activity will not only help you to improve your performance, but will also help your body continue to burn calories even after you have finished exercising.

How to lose weight by training HIIT

For HIIT training to be effective in weight loss, it needs to be well planned and tailored to your physical characteristics and training level. It is not a matter of ending up exhausted or forcing the machinery to the point of causing an injury, but rather of breaking the routine from time to time throughout the training session so that the body needs an extra amount of energy and can draw on its reserves.

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We must remember that our body gets used to a certain level of care and establishes a minimum energy consumption. HITT training slims down exactly because it prevents us from"accommodating" ourselves and we must increase this calorific expenditure in specific moments (explosive energy). If you run and want to lose weight by training HITT, these are the keys you should follow:

1. Heating

At least fifteen minutes. Five of stretches and general turns to prepare you for the race, and ten of light crossing or gentle jogging. You will work your muscles, including your heart, to the maximum and the previous preparation is essential to do HITT and avoid, on the one hand, that your heart rate skyrockets and, on the other hand, so that your muscles take on tone little by little and are ready for the extra effort that you are going to demand of them.

2. Alternating high intensity intervals with rest periods

It is essential to eliminate kilograms with HITT training safely. The duration and also intensity of the intervals will always and in all circumstances depend on the physical condition of each athlete, but in order to give you an idea, a training pattern could be:

  • 10 minutes of smooth running.
  • High intensity interval of between fifteen and thirty seconds (depending on level and physical condition). Over the course of the interval, it is best to run at eighty percent - ninety percent of your maximum capacity and speed.
  • Restoration period of at least three minutes before the next interval, with jogging or smooth running (with a rhythm not exceeding fifty percent - sixty percent of your capacity).

However, even before starting your HIIT weight loss training plan, it is recommended that you consult your doubts with a personal trainer or qualified monitor and undergo a medical check-up to assess your physical condition and your ability to perform this type of training.

3. Cooling

Just as essential as warm-up is the final phase of exercise. After the last sprint, take a few minutes for your body to recover from the effort in a progressive way, making your breathing return to normal rhythm and properly stretching the muscles of your arms and legs.

More weight loss tips with HITT training

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An intense training of these peculiarities always and in all circumstances is an extra care for the whole of our body, so it is not convenient to abuse. To lose weight by training at intervals, a couple of times a week is more than enough. As far as the duration of the session is concerned, the ideal time is around thirty minutes.

Remember the importance of diet and hydration in any physical activity of a certain intensity. Take special care of your diet so that your HITT training gives the results you expect.

Finally, if you want to lose weight, it is advisable to end each of the sessions with an extra interval, which will cause your body to continue burning calories once that last effort is over. To recover, your muscles will demand a greater amount of oxygen and that translates into a"plus" of energy expenditure that will help you achieve the purpose of losing weight.

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