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It is not always necessary to set up a gym at home at all times to keep fit and get some exercise at any time. You may not have repaired it, but if you look around, you have a lot of things at home that you can use for training. Avoiding the commute and wasting time, saving good money or being able to exercise when it suits you are certain advantages of training without going to the gym.

If you choose home training, your workout session can be as complete as the one you do at the gym if you try to exercise with the material you have at home - read on!

How to use the material you have at home to train

Dumbbells, bars or cardio machines can be replaced with such common items as a towel, chair or broom handle. There is no excuse for not spending a few minutes training with the material you have at hand. Whatever your goal, lose weight, strengthen your muscles or stay in top shape, you can do it in the comfort of your own home.

A towel

Something as routine as a towel can be excellent for a multitude of exercises, especially if your goal is to work on your arms and back. Simply rolling it up and down, as if you were slipping it in, is already a great way to strengthen your forearms. Another exercise you can do at home with a towel is to hold it at both ends and raise your arms above your head. From this position, stretch trying to"break" it and you will be training your upper back muscles.

Grocery packages and bottles

There are many homemade elements suitable for training with extra weight at home. Any one kilo/liter brick (rice, pasta, milk) perfectly replaces dumbbells or discs. You can also use a"forceful" book or a plastic bottle full of liquid or, for example, sand (a good idea for recycling). With this training material that you have at home, you can perform a wide range of exercises, from bicep curls to heavy arm extensions to work on your pecs.

Effective squats, holding a lump in each and every hand, or a stride, are also excellent options for training without leaving home. Since with a stick and 2 water bottles, each one at one end you already have a bar with discs suitable for hard work.

A chair

Okay anyone, so you can't say you're short on exercise equipment at home. There are many exercises you can do with a chair. By simply sitting on the edge and practicing knee lifts to your chest, you're already doing good sit-ups. You can also use it to lie on the floor and rest your heels on the seat, doing elevations to continue working the abdominal muscles. A chair is also a homemade training element that is ideal for making funds and suppressing any hint of flaccidity in your arms.


With only two steps in your home you already have an ideal factor to do a cardio workout. Practice stepping up and down or jumping with both legs in unison to burn calories and fat without leaving home. In the absence of steps, any sturdy box or drawer can perform exactly the same function and assist you in filling an effective ladder training.

The little ones' toys, good allies for exercise

Since then, taking care of a baby or a small child who won't stop, is already a hard training, but in addition to this, some toys of the"old" can become great material to exercise at home. Borrow your child's skipping rope and you'll be able to do a lot of aerobic exercises, from the usual jumps to more complex movements such as cross jumps, one-legged jumps and side-jumps. You can also use a ball to practice everything from raising your arms, holding it and carrying it on your head, to abs, placing it between your ankles and lifting your legs up on the floor.

You know, comfortable clothes, a little music and training material at home is all you need to start getting in shape in the most comfortable and economical way.

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