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Running has been practiced on a massive scale for years, with brutal success. Thousands and thousands of people go running day by day and night, leading healthier and more entertaining lives. However, there is one thing that runners neglect a lot, and that is the health of their knees and feet. Read on for some basic tips on caring for and preparing your knees and feet for running every day.

Tips for preparing your knees and feet for running

When we run, we are continuously using our feet and knees to make the movement. In this way, we will continuously force them and may have injuries and inconveniences in exactly the same. For this reason, we must learn these tips to strengthen your ankles to run, like your knees, which will let us take care of our body and knees in a simple and effective way.

Listen to your body

In the first place, we must perceive our body, that is, we must be very careful about pain and discomfort. When we have some discomfort in the knee, ankle, or foot, we should watch what happens to us. Many times, that little ankle pain turns into a muscle tear if we don't treat it in time.

For this reason, if we feel pain in the area, we should rest to avoid forcing too much force in the area. In addition to this, it is advisable to have medical check-ups every so often, to determine that your joints are in good condition, since we are not always and under all circumstances aware of a possible injury by means of pain.

Appropriate clothing and footwear

A lot of people go running anyway, with the first tracksuit they find and the oldest shoes they have. While this is fine for a passionate runner who runs once a month, for a person who runs every week, it is not perfect.

For example, a shoe that does not have a good footprint, that is too tight or that is broken, can literally destroy our feet. For this reason, it's best not to spend money on running shoes if you're going to run, because in the end, affordability is expensive.

Learn a good running technique

The right technique for running is something we have talked about a lot here, due to its enormous relevance. When we run, we must observe the footprint, trying to support first the front part of the foot and then the back part. Also, we must have the body slightly inclined forward, and use the arms as support.

Again, proper technique helps avoid injury. By optimizing the footprint and running posture, we will better support the foot and knees, relieving them of exactly the same much tension. For example, if you step directly on your heel, you will support your straight leg and your knees will support the full weight. For this reason, the proper way to do this is to back the forefoot, so that you can back your foot with your knees slightly bent.

Overweight is your biggest enemy

Finally, overweight should be avoided at all costs. Obese people have more weight to bear and for this reason, the body's muscles and bone structure suffer more easily when running.

This is paradoxical, since many obese people want to do cardio exactly to lose weight, and that's fine. However, what these people have to do is to lose weight little by little and also to adjust their bodies before running. If you have a few kilograms left over, you will be able to run without problems, but not in this way with obesity.

If you are obese, try walking first, to get out of this form of sedentary lifestyle. Also, combine it with a balanced diet and work in the gym. Once you have lost several kilograms, you can start running slowly and calmly, until you reach a sufficient physical and technical level to be able to run.

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