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Spinning bike + electrostimulator: increase your performance

Spinning bike + electrostimulator: increase your performance
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Advanced athletes know more about the efficiency of training with electrostimulators than they do when combined with a training routine using a spinning bike.

Spinning bike + electrostimulator: increase your performance

This combination of electrostimulators and spinning bikes to achieve goals in a short period of time is no longer only famous by elite athletes, there are more and more users who, without being professional athletes, use electrostimulators to train themselves and achieve results in a shorter period of time than they would need to increase their strength and endurance if they only used a spinning bike.

By combining these two machines we achieve a very complete training: spinning bikes are perfect fat-burning, we all know the advantages of pedaling to achieve incredible resistance, scorching calories and quickly increase the physical bottom. Training in a spinning bike we will be able to continue their training programs and regulate resistance levels to achieve all kinds of routines, whatever our level of fitness. In addition to this, we will be able to use your multimedia console and follow trails from anywhere on the planet, viewing them on our tablet or mobile, and the spinning bike will automatically regulate the resistance according to the unevenness of the path. In this way we will achieve real, entertaining and not monotonous trainings.

By including the electrostimulator in this training with the spinning bike, we will benefit even more from its advantages. Electrostimulation devices have many programs to be used. The most frequent and that the whole planet knows are those used by physiotherapists to relieve pain or rehabilitate injuries, but apart from these uses, certain models of electrostimulators have programs with which we will be able to perceive massages, remove tensions at the muscular level and, the most essential and that we will use the most, those that will allow us to exercise the muscles of our whole body to gain strength, endurance and speed. The electrostimulators with the function of exercising muscles have programs to gain strength and achieve more endurance. These options in your programs are really useful to combine with spinning routines.

Spinning bike + electrostimulator: increase your performance

If we choose to buy one of these machines for use at home, we must take into consideration many aspects. Now, we show you the most essential to decide for a specific model.

Electro-stimulators in your training sessions

If we have decided to acquire an electro-stimulator to join it with our training routines, to have clear the goal of its use is main already before deciding for a concrete model, since, if we only try an electro-stimulation device to support us or to strengthen some muscle, it will be enough with a stimulator that does not have too many possibilities and this will lower the cost sensibly. But if we try to progress the physical condition and strengthen the musculature using concrete training plans we must acquire a more powerful device.

Spinning bike + electrostimulator: increase your performance

Factors to consider when choosing an electrostimulator:

  • Type of wave: a two-phase compensation current would be adequate to avoid nuisance or undesirable polar effects.
  • Frequency: Frequency ranges are a key factor for its use. We must select a device with frequency ranges that cover the programs that we are going to use, to be able to train force, speed, resistance or to join the two.
  • Available channels: it is advisable to purchase an electrostimulator with a minimum of four channels and which allows the use of eight electrodes simultaneously, in order to cover a larger area in the same session.
  • Volume, weight and ease of use: this point is also essential, as a simple appliance will be of the utmost importance. Size and weight will also be essential, as a lightweight device will let us use it comfortably without taking up too much space.
  • Quality of the device and of the electrodes: buying a device of recognised brand will give us the assurance that each and every one of the electrodes work well and that they try to conduct the current well.

Spinning Bike

The spinning bike (its technical name is indoor cycle) offers multiple benefits, but we must choose our model depending on multiple factors such as: the number of users who will use the spinning bike, the size and weight of each of them, the number of hours per week that we are going to use it and the type of employment that we are going to give. You can visit ilovefit’s web page a guide about spinning bikes.

Factors to take into consideration when selecting a spinning bike:

  • Chassis: this is the primary structure and must be robust in unison that light, to achieve stability while pedaling and in addition to this is simple transport if we must keep the bike every time we finish using it.
  • Inertia Flywheel: this piece is fundamental, since the greater its weight the greater the smoothness of pedalling we will achieve. The weight of the flywheel must fluctuate from a minimum of sixteen kg, to about twenty or twenty-two kg if we want to train in a professional way.
  • Type of transmission: responsible for transmitting the pedal force to the flywheel. There are 2 types of belt and chain transmission. The chain is considerably stronger and requires hardly any maintenance, it will only need to be greased and does not need to be greased very often. The belt on the other hand is less durable, but certain belts use materials that significantly extend their life and the most essential factor of belts is that they are more stealthy than chains.
  • Braking system: there are three types of braking system. First we have the mechanical brakes, among those that we find of skate or plug. Next, the magnets for higher ranges. And finally, those of electromagnetic induction -the most modern system- with which we are going to be able to regulate the effort based on the chosen watts.

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