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Sport and perfume: how to choose the best fragrance for training

Sport and perfume: how to choose the best fragrance for training
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When we play sports it is essential to release the anatomical fragrance of this situation, due to the sweat in the physical exercises caused by the effort. Nothing a good deodorizer can’t fix or even prevent. But when summer comes and we train in a closed space like the gym, things change. Neither air conditioning nor deodorizing is usually enough, and the time comes to select the perfumes for women or men that best suit us to make these training sessions more bearable, for ourselves and for the rest.

And the big question is: are sports and perfume compatible? The answer is yes, of course. You’ve undoubtedly had the chance to sniff the perfume of gym mates on multiple occasions, and you may even have used a scent to sniff magnificently in your workouts.

But it’s not enough just to perfume yourself: just as the fragrance of sweat can annoy those who train around you, an overly potent or inappropriate scent in this context can cause people to step aside in the gymnasium.

That’s why it’s so essential to know how to choose the right perfume to train, because this fragrance will accompany you in your exercises, the rest will be associated with you and, somehow, you’ll relate that smell to the sport that motivates you so much, because it’s not just any matter.

Choosing the best perfume for training

So, what do you have to take into consideration when choosing a (good) gym perfume? You’ll be amazed at the variables that come into play in this election:

  1. Type of sport: you have to take into account the intensity (and sweatiness) of the activity you do. It is not exactly the same to use Chanel – powerful and therefore more suitable for sports where you sweat a lot – as cologne water – lighter and cooler, for sports where cardio is not as intense.
  2. Personality: the smells also communicate, they also want to say”I’m extravagant” or”don’t talk to me”, and the intensity will be the measuring bar. A strong and determined perfume can be contrasted with a rather sweet, soft, shy one. This is especially useful to consider if you like to chat with other people while training or if you prefer to be on your own.
  3. Skin type: this is the most physical variable that exists. Not every single skin can withstand the same thing. Not all of them would leave exactly the same kind of creams and, therefore, not exactly the same kind of perfume, especially in situations such as sport, where you sweat a lot.
  4. Likes and brands: logically, each person can choose what he or she likes best without taking into consideration any of the other variables. Being guided by brands is also a very good motivation, because the image of the firm validates the perfume entirely, regardless of its intensity, fragrance or freshness: Chanel, Carolina Herrera, Calvin Klein? there are brands for all kinds of people and tastes. While we encourage you to at least keep in mind what sport you’re going to play when perfuming yourself.
  5. Trial and error: often, when we buy a new perfume, we try multiple and practically never decide on the first day. The smell is a personal thing. But they usually offer us small samples. Use them each and every time instead of storing them until they lose their fragrance. Only by using them on our skin genre as we train will we realize which of these perfumes goes with us and which we want to accompany us throughout each and every one of our gym sessions.
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