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Strengthen your diet in summer and reach your goals

Strengthen your diet in summer and reach your goals
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With the advent of good weather, living a healthy life becomes more difficult than during the winter months, and we have a hard time achieving our sporting goals. Do you do sport and don’t see results? Do you lack energy at the end of the day? If this is your case, something may be wrong. Sometimes, and if the doctor recommends it, in order to prosper the performance, abundant supplements are used for the health, with which we also improve our diet.

Strengthen your diet in summer and reach your goals

Surely you’ve heard talk of the need for healthy nutrition, but what do we do when despite taking care of ourselves we see no results? Usually our body does not receive the amount of nutrients it needs, and it is in situations like this when we must ingest them through supplements such as those offered by Olimp Sport Nutrition, always and in all circumstances under the supervision of a food professional.

It must be made clear that a healthy diet must be based on real food from as natural a source as possible. However, if we look for specific results in our training plan we must sometimes resort to dietary supplements. It is not a question of nourishing ourselves with shakes, but rather of achieving that our body obtains each and every one of the nutrients it needs without having to sacrifice our rhythm of life.

Proteins and vitamins: how much to ingest and which to take?

According to the WHO, our body needs between 1 and 2 grams of protein per day for every kilogram we weigh (it also depends on how much exercise we do and whether we are a man or a woman). For example, a man with a semi-sedentary lifestyle that weighs sixty-five kilograms should eat almost one hundred grams of protein a day to lead a healthy lifestyle. But we all know that, in the months when the thermometer marks thirty-five degrees, it is very difficult to achieve this milestone. This is where the food supplements offered by Olimp Sport Nutrition come into play, since a simple shake after training can achieve half of those amounts.

Strengthen your diet in summer and reach your goals

But health supplements are not only focused on nutrition, but rather on the state of life. Just as we must consume certain amounts of protein to have an unbeatable state, we must also ingest certain amounts of multivitamins. Not every day we can have an orange juice for breakfast and eat a salmon fillet with lentils and spinach to reach the recommended minimum of liposoluble vitamin D, Omega-three and iron. Consequently, in these cases we go to the doctor claiming chronic fatigue or to the pharmacy after any chute of energy. Here, dietary supplements are once again important: why not take a fat-soluble vitamin D capsule at breakfast? Our body will appreciate the contribution of vitamins and minerals, whatever the route of consumption.

Food engineering has come a long way in recent times and we must take advantage of this. Thanks to these new developments in the nutrition industry, a person with lactose intolerance has no reason to abandon dairy products. Sometimes a simple capsule gives us back the energies we lack. Every person is a planet.

Strengthen your diet in summer and reach your goals

While we should not abuse these supplements and should bet on a diet based on natural foods, sometimes our body needs an extra, through a nutrition characterized by pre-cooked dishes and fast food, can cost us to achieve, and there are food supplements to compensate for those shortfalls if necessary, from a capsule of royal jelly to a protein shake.

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