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This guide to chisel shoulders, biceps and triceps will make you want to wear no sleeves in this season of sweaters. Truly, why hide those weapons?

You probably have a list of exercises that you have always used in all circumstances to work on and chisel your arms and shoulders. With this repertoire, you've probably even got compliments and compliments. But? the arms are not as simple to train as they look. The upper arms and shoulders have no less than 9 primary muscles that require some serious work, if you want to make a huge impact on the red carpet.
If you prefer to sit on the couch and watch a series marathon on TV, before holding a weight, we'll tell you that thanks to the science and the instructions we're going to give you here, your hand is going to fall off from your hands because we'll give you the keys to end the flaccidity in your arms! If you're tired of envying other women's arms, while covering your own... Get ready! It's time to roll up those sleeves.

The solution to remove flabby arms

The main protest that is very common among women on their arms is the flaccidity. It turns out that this area, in women, is where fat is basically deposited. Women tend to keep fat close to their hips, thighs and arms," explains William Kraemer, PhD, master of kinesiology at the University of Connecticut and resistance training specialist.

The good news is that the areas where your body deposits the most fat are also the areas where fat can be removed sooner, says Kraemer, which means you'll see the fastest results. For now, you know that fat reduction requires a combination of burning calories and eating less of them, especially anything to do with sugars.

"Eating too much sugar inhibits your fat-burning enzymes, which slows down fat loss. You can't ignore what you eat if you try to progress your body composition," says Kraemer.

Now, thanks to research by the American Board of Exercise (ACE), we know precisely how to address toning in this area. In the study commissioned by ACE, scholars at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse manipulated the arms with EMG electrodes and tested 8 different movements, equating muscle activation in the triceps. The greater the activation, the harder the muscle worked. The push-ups took the first place, followed by kick backs and bench dips.

What are the primary muscles of the arm?

  • Biceps: Its name is brachial biceps, it is a muscle of the anterior arm area, where it covers the anterior coracobrachial and brachial muscles. Biceps stops arm mobility, and performs elbow flexion as well as other opposing muscles.
  • Triceps: The brachial triceps muscle is a muscle located in the next area of the arm. It is made up of 3 portions at the top: long portion, large internal and external. It's the only muscle we found in the back of the arm.
  • Deltoid: A shoulder muscle. It has the shape of a hollow semicone, which surrounds the shoulder joint and joins the scapular waist to the humeral diaphysis. It is divided into 3 portions that should be estimated as separate muscles (previous portion, middle portion, next portion).

Sensual, well-marked arms

Many women seem to have a love/hate relationship with the biceps: the muscle forms only one-third the size of the upper arm - the triceps represents the other two-thirds - but is often blamed for making the arms look large. The muscle fibers in the biceps are long and run during the upper arm, this structure improves the ability of the muscle to contract or shorten, which can lead to a rounded appearance," explains Peter Ronai, master of exercise science at Sacred Heart University.

In each and every case I have seen that women who train their arms with hard work and endurance immediately manage to reduce fat and increase muscle tissue. This results in a smaller, more defined arm. He maintains Kraemer, who has been involved in dozens of studies assessing the best ways to resist training. "They were losing fat and seeing their muscle for the first time. His arms really did get smaller on the circumference.

Highlight your shoulders

Many of us are too concerned about the muscles we can see in the speculum, says trainer Todd Durkin, owner of Fitness Quest Ten, San Diego.

Most people tend to work their chest because it looks good, but forget about muscles they can't see, like the back deltoids of their shoulders. Start working on your rear deltoids, this will help you pull your shoulders back, which will make you look taller and thinner," says Durkin.

The deltoids assist in moving your arms forward, backward, to the sides. And in order to have really strong shoulders, each and every one of the muscles (deltoids and SITS muscles) must be oriented towards the same objective.

If you really want to focus on delimiting a muscle to make it look firmer and more defined, you must work on it frequently and persevere. Just one day a week won't do it.

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