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Appreciation is power! Many of us identify with this leimotiv, which gives us a feeling of enormous inner strength and motivation.

In this case, leimotiv is the starting point and the initial thought with which a new training procedure has been created on the planet of fitness. It is the essential pillar, the backbone of a project started in France and which is now a success in the neighbouring country.

Under the name"Strong is the new Sexy", David Costa's approach to one of the most essential projects of his life takes shape. With more than 8 years of experience, this young sports enthusiast is currently the trainer with the most diplomas and experience in France. At the beginning of the two thousand and sixteenth century, it became a revolution in his country and he decided to share his masterpiece with more countries, choosing Spain as a place where he could take his knowledge.

We are surrounded by a planet full of plurality and genres of"miraculous" programs, which are sold to us as the perfect solution and also ideal for shaping our bodies, but really many of them are just words, which given their great diffusion in the networks we believe we are marching.

In this case the only link between innovative social networking methods and Strong is the New Sensual is the fame and follow up of social networking. With more than twenty-two posts in Instagram this program is considered a boom on the net, but the reliability of this program is not comparable to others, since you will be able to see the results in the first weeks.

Uniquely designed for women and with the body ideal of a modern, physically and mentally strong woman, this program lets you suppress long hours of cardio and radical regimens. And it opens the door to easy training, guided by illustrations, with recipes and videos, so that your path is 100 percent safe.

Bodybuilding is the recipe for success, with it you will achieve your most demanding dreams, toning, endurance and strength will be your new qualities. Each and every one of them you will be able to work them little by little, given the progressive way in which the guide is structured. It will be possible for you to gain weight at any moment in the exercises you choose, in order to execute them with more complexity and to make your muscles and strength thrive. This program allows you to progress your psyche, your self-esteem, your physical conditions and above all your acceptance of your body.

But not only does bodybuilding play an essential role in fitness, but also nutrition, which plays one of the most essential roles. Along with the exercises the guide comes complete with recipes of all kinds to assist you in the kitchen and thus give you support so that you do not feel limited between the stoves.

It is the training with the most scientific and technical explanations of the exercises you can find in the market. In it you will find 2 genres of specific versions for your conditions at the time of training. If you're one of those who have virtually no time for anything and prefer to exercise at home, your home training guide is going to be what you'll need to buy. On the other hand, if you go to the gym regularly and prefer to have each and every routine structured, the gym version is your perfect choice.

Strong is the new sensual, is the right motivation to achieve your goals! If you want to feel the changes in your skin and you are ready to enter the planet of weights and bodybuilding this is your method: STRONG IS THE NEW SEXY (click here for more information)

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