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On the planet of Fitness, there are millions of myths or hypotheses about the performance of the exercises, the way your body acts when carrying out the different training sessions or even about your diet. All this diversity of thoughts and plurality of beliefs is something that we must focus on and also try to solve or correct, in order to achieve maximum clarity on these issues and know the right way to do things, this is why feelforfit is ready to give you a little light on aspects that are somewhat dark and confusing.

One of the assertions that most people who exercise are accustomed to meditating and are generally wrong is in the security of protecting the hypothesis that sweating slims. That is, sweat is a good enough factor to be considered as that fact or body reaction that makes you lose weight and fat. Is this true, or are we again faced with a false assertion?

We know that sweat is the way in which the body suppresses excess heat and cleanses our body of toxins. When the body sweats, a multitude of processes are set in motion to release toxins and generally speed up metabolism. It is necessary to clarify that sweat is almost water, although it also contains minerals, urea, lactic acid and others, which are released into the body for the purpose of maintaining body temperature.

It is with this definition in mind that we assess the issue in concrete terms. In order to do so, it is essential to specify that in this article we are talking about sweating, which is caused by physical activity, which as a consequence increases the body's rhythm and causes it to lose fluids.

Fluid loss through sweating is a momentary weight loss, which is not reflected in fat reduction. Fat loss will be generated as a result of increased metabolic and energy expenditure due to progressive exercise.

Sweat loss and exercise may go hand in hand, but you can't lose weight in the form of fluids and fat at the same time. Remember, the best way to lose weight in a specific and real way is to diet and exercise. So if you want to stay fit and regain your figure, what you need is to burn more calories than you consume and combined with a good training routine, there is no bigger trick.

If you are interested, there is a way to calculate the liquid remains lost after intense exercise or exposure to excessive heat. Weigh yourself before and after exercising and the difference is the liquid you have lost.

In conclusion, what you should avoid is to use certain false and dangerous tricks that are well known in gyms among those you may find: increase the layers of clothing you wear or cover yourself with plastic, both of which are especially designed to increase sweating. In this way you keep the authentic statement that"Sweating does not lose weight, you only lose water" because the sweating process does not spend enough energy to lose weight or lose weight on its own.

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