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Sworkit lite: the personal trainer that best adapts to your time

Sworkit lite: the personal trainer that best adapts to your time
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There are so many free fitness and health applications for our smartphones or tablets, that it is practically impossible to know what each one of them can administer to us and even more difficult, is to know which is the perfect one or the one that best suits us

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Sworkit lite: the personal trainer that best adapts to your time

of the things we all agree on is what fitness offers us. It lifts our mood and gives us the feeling of running for a better life.

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perfect if each of them of us had a trainer who would follow us throughout the day, who would encourage us to use those extra minutes that we have inspired us with new and different exercises

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closest thing to this idea is the Sworkit Lite application. It will be able to guide you through different activities, random circuits, anatomical weight exercises along the time that you pre-selected. Since each and every one of the exercises do not need a certain equipment, you will be able to do them anywhere, in this way you will have more freedom of resolution to do them where, when and how you want

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application is very simple to use. In the main menu, you will find the 4 usual exercises (Yoga, Stretching, Cardiovascular Training and Strength), just at the bottom is the adapted training section, you will have to choose one. The second step is to determine the time, each and every one of the trainings of your routine will be based on the time you have, it is essential that you are realistic. Finally the application will show you each and every one of the exercises designed according to your demands, combining the images with videos and audios

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Sworkit lite: the personal trainer that best adapts to your time


  • The videos: Prior to the beginning of the training, you will receive a short video of the exercises, so that in this way you have the perfect knowledge of each exercise.
  • Personalization of the training: This alternative, lets you choose the exercises in particular or you can even copy a popular training bearing in mind the factors, such as for example “low impact”, etc? You can save up to 3 adapted exercises.
  • Rewards: You will be awarded a medal for each training completed. In addition to this you will have a daily reminder of the trainings, although you can customize these notifications. The users will still be able to share their favorite exercises through the mail.


Sworkit Lite application is compatible with Android and Apple. It has a rating of 5 stars and can be downloaded at no cost, in addition to this has the version for Kids, so that all enjoy a perfect training

. If

you dare to try it click on the banner to download it for free, we are sure it will be a success!

Download Sworkit lite for Android

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