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Tabata and other high-intensity exercises

Tabata and other high-intensity exercises
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What is the difference between high intensity training (HIIT) and Tabata training? These 2 trainings are very similar and therefore there are quite a few people who confuse them.

Tabata and other high-intensity exercises

First of


, it is necessary to understand the basic concepts of your body’s energy systems. In a regular cardio training like a road, you will use your aerobic energy system, for the burning of calories can last from 1 to two hours.

On the

other hand, if you are one of those who resist running


lot, your body changes to an anaerobic system, which means that your body does not have enough oxygen to transport your muscles, so it must disarticulate the hydrates that are in the body to get the energy


traditional Tabata Training is structured by work periods of four minutes, repeating exactly the same exercise over twenty seconds and then at rest for ten seconds. At the end of the 4 minutes, you will have completed 8 rounds of work. A solid Tabata training can include up to 5 series of 5 different exercises; throughout the training, your heart rate will peak in 20 seconds

. A

very common Tabata alteration is made up of multiple exercises, in a 4-minute work period instead of repeating the same thing.


you are short of time, Tabata training offers an enormous opportunity to


in shape and increase your endurance. These exercises are a case of a session of Tabata exercises to burn calories, which fit your busy schedule

. **

Tabata and other high-intensity exercises

Essential ** It is mandatory to warm up for at least ten minutes before you complete the next circuit. 4 minutes may seem little, but the intensity of this training will surprise you!



each exercise as intensely as possible during the twenty seconds (gusts) and try to recover during the ten seconds of rest. Repeat for up to 4 minutes.

Starting on 4 legs, crawl as fast as possible face forward. Stand up, get up, and jump into the air. Turn around, return to 4 legs, and repeat

. Areas

Worked: The whole body, emphasizing the legs, buttocks, arms and torso.

It begins in a lunge situation with the hands behind the head as in the first picture. When you jump you change the situation of the legs lower your hands face your hip as in the second picture. Use the swinging of the arms to give impulse.

Areas Worked: Legs, buttocks, and torso.

Better to use in this exercise a small ball with weight, take it with both hands and then raise your arms, face the opposite side making a diagonal movement from the ground to over the opposite shoulder. Repeat alternating the sides




: biceps, shoulders, base and legs

. if

Tabata and other high-intensity exercises

you are interested in these trainings and want to know more types:

More exercises of the procedure TABATA

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