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Take your training to the next level with these burpee variants

Take your training to the next level with these burpee variants
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When we hear or read “burpee”, our faces change. And they’re hard… we’re not going to deny it. But if you are truly ready to increase the demand of your routine by adding a new challenge, these variations of the traditional burpee will come to you excellent.

Take your training to the next level with these burpee variants

Burpee classic

First of all, if you’ve never done a burpee before, it’s time to learn the basics. At the end of the day, the traditional burpee is the “worst” of all, which is reason enough to see if you can handle this. With this animated gif from we show you how to make a burpee.


Take your training to the next level with these burpee variants

  1. Squatting down to put your hands on the floor.
  2. With squatting feet, move backwards with a jump to adopt an ironing posture.
  3. Perform a basic flexion, bending the elbows and then returning to the ironing position with arms stretched.
  4. Make a face jump forward to bring your feet face hands, and adopt a squatting posture.
  5. Make an explosive jump face up, going as high as you can.
  6. Start with ten burpees, or figure out how many you can do in a minute.

Burpee with drawer jump

This variation consists simply of making the jump to a drawer in step five of the preceding instructions, instead of the clean jump face up. In this photograph we see how the jump is made, but then there is the rest of the exercise to do.

  • It begins in a situation of flexion of arms with the chest on the floor, in front of the drawer. Push face up using your arms and core, while jumping to bring your feet face to face your hands.
  • Swing your arms back and forth to pick up the mail, and jump over the drawer. Stay standing on this one, totally straight. Jump or take a step face down, and start again with the arm flexing posture. Now repeat!

Reverse Burpee with drawer jump

This exercise is very similar to the previous one, and also ends with a plyometric jump in a drawer, but instead of starting with a flexion posture, we begin face up, with the back on the floor.

Take your training to the next level with these burpee variants

  • Place yourself on the floor face up, in front of the drawer, a few inches from your feet. Make sure the drawer you use is firm and non-slip, and of a height that is comfortable for you to make the jump.
  • Get up from rennet without the help of your hands (simulating the movement we do when doing abdominals), bending your knees and putting your feet on the floor to be able to get up. You can take a pack with a face-up leg swing.
  • Once you’re standing in front of the drawer, do a squat swinging arms backwards to assist in propelling the jump.
  • As you get up from the squatting situation of the squatting in one quick movement, jump over the drawer to be completely standing on it, landing gently in a squatting situation and, little by little, stay standing. Return to the ground with a jump or step backwards.

Burpee with stride or lunge

This variation has very good effects to strengthen, but also to exercise the psyche. Yes, yes, as you read! It turns out that an enormous amount of concentration is required throughout the exercise, as attention must be paid to maintaining coordination between the legs and the rest of the body.

To make a burpee with stride, make a traditional burpee, but instead of jumping with your legs together face up, at the end of the exercise, make it by moving your legs apart to adopt a stride posture or lunge. It’s about alternating with one leg and another in each and every burpee you do.

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