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The holidays are coming up, and another year with the eternal problem of what to give away. This year, why not give a gift of fitness to our friends or family members who are also moving in this world?! At Living Essentials we leave you with a selection of the fourteen best fitness gifts for this Christmas season

: Kettlebells

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Kettlebells are ideal for working on toning and strength workouts, as they add a particularity that makes them different from any other kind of dumbbell: their centre of gravity shifts throughout the year, improving real functional strength, stability and coordination. The Kettlebells are made of melted steel and have handles for easy handling between exercises. The lightest Kettlebells are four kilograms and increase by four kilograms to a maximum weight of thirty-two kilograms.

Ab WheelThe

AB Wheel or sliding exercise wheel is a very simple and easy accessory, but it has more applications than we think. Although its primary use is to strengthen the abdomen area, the AB Wheel is ideal for working really well on other muscle groups such as the obliques, back, hips, buttocks, quadriceps, chest and arms.


short, a product that lets the core and whole body work



original gift and also ideal for those people who want to introduce into their lives a touch of relaxation and well-being without leaving home. Yoga kits usually include certain accessories such as fitball balls, mats or mats, flexible bands with fasteners, Eva rubber bricks, etc. In some cases, these kits include practical exercise manuals to start doing Yoga at home, following some basic instructions.

BOSU HomeThe

BOSU Home is ideal for family use. It is a kind of fitball ball, with a half flat base, which leaves a multipurpose training very advisable to train balance, stability and proprioception, that is, the body's ability to situate the situation of the joints at all times to avoid injuries during training. The BOSU Home is made to support a maximum weight of one hundred and forty kg. and is very practical for as many exercises as you can think of



Compex Performance electrostimulator is identified by the unique functions it includes: mi-SCAN, mi-TENS, mi-RANGE, which are activated as soon as the mi-SENSOR is connected. Useful to prepare for a physical activity or to resume the sport after a break, as it helps to gain power and strength, calms pain, suppresses tension and fatigue, and helps in the restoration after a physical sacrifice. The Compex Performance has seven work zones and many different programmes.

Halley Fitness Elliptical



Elliptical Bike EL300 from Halley Fitness is a compact machine for family use, more accessible than most models that include exactly the same or similar features as this one: seventeen training programs, a tactile heart rate control system integrated into the handlebars of the elliptical trainer, apart from footrests with 3 different situations. The included console is basic, but it doesn't skimp on precise details such as speed, distance travelled, heart rate, training profile, etc.


irondelle Indoor cycle bicycle Hirondelle The

Halley Fitness Hirondelle spinning or indoor cycle bicycle for family use is equipped with a belt drive system that leaves the training virtually silent, a characteristic of high-end bikes, while those that move in the most economical range, such as the Hirondelle, usually have chain drive systems, more thunderous and susceptible to breakdowns. The Hirondelle has a 20kg flywheel that transforms it into a robust and stable cycle, allowing fluidity, comfort and safety in its pedalling and use.

Fuel Four.0 Treadmill The

solution in mid-range treadmills, at a more economical cost. The Fuel 4.0 is capable of training at a maximum speed of 16km/h and up to a 12 percent inclination, thanks to its three HP engine. It includes twenty-four ultra-motivating training programs and, in addition to this, is foldable, making it ideal for the home, whether or not you have an exclusive space to dedicate to it. Its extensive rolling surface allows the training of any user, regardless of their height, supporting a maximum weight of 130kg



Training with TRX is recommended for anyone who wants to develop a job based on balance, flexibility, tone and coordination, following your training schedule. The TRX Suspension Trainer Home is lighter and more portable, and also includes a user guide, exercise cards, six 15-minute videos with exercise repertoire, a door plate, a TRX bracelet, a door anchor with adapter and a storage bag.

Teeter EP960 Reversing table The

reversing table is another good option, especially for those who suffer from back pain, contractures or simply end the day with the muscles of the spine heavily loaded. With a few minutes a day, the investment tables help us appreciate a change in our quality of life. The Teeter EP960 not only calms pain and reduces muscle tension, but also improves flexibility, rehydrates discs to speed up impact repair, realigns the skeleton, reduces nerve pressure... The Teeter EP960 comes with an instruction DVD and five exercises to do between ten and fifteen minutes a day


Solid Smith Machine


heavy-duty Body Solid Smith Machine steel frame is equipped with heavy-duty reinforcement plates and heavy-duty hardware to withstand heavy loads. With high-strength safety bearings and nylon bearings for low friction movements, the Body Solid Smith machine is a highly recommended alternative for home installation.

Kettler Delta XLEl


multi station

is one of the best ways to concentrate on strength and bodybuilding work. Some are cheaper than others, but the truth is that to acquire a good machine it is essential to invest at least one eight hundred? The Kettler Delta XL multi-station with non-selectorized free weights is foldable in certain parts, without stopping being a robust, versatile structure and machine capable of withstanding the intensive use of multiple users. With a maximum load capacity of two hundred kg, an 80 kg push bar / butterfly bar, a 60 kg leg lever, a horizontal rack, an adjustable weight holder, a latissismus traction tower and a variable leg extension device, it becomes one of the best options in the 1,000 kg




Bodytone stretching



stretching bench is a factor that is usually lacking in family gyms and is really useful and practical. Bodytone comes with some of the best stretching bench proposals on the market, which is identified by the quality of the manufacturing material, apart from the ergonomics and biomechanics applied in the design. In short, a jewel.

Lebert Equalizer Portable FenceThe

Lebert Equalizer fence is a versatile and versatile material that leaves the group work of the upper log, using its own anatomical weight as its primary strength. Ideal for outdoor training, personal training and home training. Safe, light and easy to store,

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