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The 5 most common errors when doing push-ups

The 5 most common errors when doing push-ups
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The 5 most common errors when doing push-ups

It is very possible that you know the push-ups, that exercise that allows you to train your chest and triceps in a simple, efficient way and only with your body. Because of their benefits, push-ups are performed by millions of people worldwide, if not perfectly. Some people make fairly common mistakes when starting to do push-ups, which can still cause injuries.

For this reason, today we are going to look at the 5 most frequent faults when doing push-ups, so that in this way, you learn how to avoid them, thus avoiding injuries and making the most of your training.

1. Poor positioning of the back

One of the most frequent failures when doing push-ups, is the bad positioning of the back. Quite a few people tend to arch their back face down, something that will lead to ineffective flexion.

In that sense, the best way to do push-ups for the first time is to hold the lower back completely straight, just like a board. In a flexion, what moves is the upper part of the torso, that is, the arms and chest, never the lower part of the back. In this way, you will achieve a flexion and, in addition to this, you will avoid the annoying back flexions.

The 5 most common errors when doing push-ups

2. Doing ?half-pieces?

A beginner’s own mistake is to do the flexion halfway, i.e. to cut out the route in the flexion in order to do the flexion with less care. Doing this kind of flexion is not efficient for working the chest and triceps. As when you do a bench press you must lower the bar to practically touch the chest, in the push-ups of the arm the same thing happens. Do a full run flexion, until practically touching the chest with the floor. It’s better to do a good push-up, than to do 5 bad push-ups.

3. Separating the arms too far

In addition to not warming up to do push-ups, another failure of people who want to do more push-ups than they can really do is to spread their arms too far apart. Authentic arm flexions are performed with arms shoulder-width apart, as it is the most complete exercise in the involvement of chest, triceps and other auxiliary muscles.

You can also try the so-called “diamond” push-ups, which are done with your hands together. These push-ups are very difficult to do, as the triceps is considerably more involved than the pectoral, being a huge exercise to isolate the triceps. We only advise them for specialists.

4. Not putting your feet and legs correctly

In addition to the placement of the hands, the placement of the legs and feet is also quite important, but in which the beginners fail quite a lot. Some put their feet too far apart, others support the instep of the feet, and others do stranger things, such as backing their knees. Needless to say, it’s impossible to do a flexion like that.

The 5 most common errors when doing push-ups

The placement of the feet should be done with the feet practically together, with a separation of two centimeters and resting only on the tips of the toes. The foot must not make any force, but must simply act as a support, in order to be able to correctly perform the movement.

5. Making strange movements with the hip

Finally, quite a few people not only arch their backs, but make a very strange movement to do the flexion of arms. Instead of using the arms to lower, they lower the hip with a pelvic movement, holding even the outstretched arms on certain occasions.

This is due to the usual, lack of strength and experience. If you can’t do a flexion properly, it’s best to train your chest in another way, until such time as you get enough strength. On other occasions, you will also have to carry out a weight loss program, since it is logical that the less you weigh, the less weight you will have to lift and it will be simpler.

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