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Want to be a personal trainer? Little by little, more and more people decide to hire the services of a personal trainer to continue a specific training routine and achieve their objectives in a determined time. We know that this profession requires a lot of discipline and professionalism, which makes it practically unavoidable to review the questions that all personal trainers ask during their careers and on a daily basis.

The most common questions you're going to ask yourself as a personal trainer

Before you register as a personal trainer, it is essential that you review a number of aspects that will help you decide how to plan your training and will allow you to distinguish yourself from other trainers. To be a good personal trainer, it is essential that you first resolve any and all of the doubts you may have along the way and that come to your mind on a daily basis.

Below, you have a collection of the most common questions among personal trainers along with a short answer that will help you to define your way of training and making yourself known:

1. Is it better to know how to train in everything or to specialize?

Every personal trainer should conceive of tailored training as a business. For this reason, it is essential that you first get the customers of the service and then values the possibility of continuing your training in a specific type of training. If you have already studied Physical Activity and Sport Sciences or have many years of experience as a trainer in a specific sport, you do not need to spend a lot of money on courses and seminars to expand your personal trainer curriculum. However, keep in mind that the clients of the service will provide the best trainer in a specialization, so it is never too much to be trained to distinguish themselves in a specific area: cardio, flexibility, bodybuilding, etc..

2. Do I have to create a website or create a YouTube channel to make myself known?

With the heyday of new technologies and also the Internet, it is a more than viable alternative. Having your own website or a YouTube channel is a good investment to make you known and get customers of the service with greater speed. Keep in mind that having your own website as a personal trainer or your own video channel will cost you extra time and money (it could cost you between three hundred and one thousand euros), as well as the cost you will have to accept to start positioning and online marketing strategies to make yourself known.

3. How to approach the social networks of a personal trainer?

This doubt is very close to the previous one. If you already have a page, why not create a professional profile on Fb or LinkedIn and vice versa. Even before you publish on your professional social networks, it is essential that you decide who your target audience is, what you want to offer and how you will offer it. That is, once you know who you want to target for your training, you will need to think about the marketing and communication strategy of your RRSS. In this sense, quality is more essential than quantity: publish two or three times a week, share interesting articles from other social networks and don't forget to take care of your image as well as your professional profiles.

4. What is the cost of each training session?

This is one of the most common questions personal trainers ask themselves. In order to decide the prices of your sessions, it is essential that you first consider a number of aspects: your studies and professional experience, the time you are going to invest, the amount of money you wish to spend on continuing your training and promoting your services, the acquisition of equipment or the payment of rent for a training room, etc. Another alternative is to find out about the prices of other personal trainers in your city in order to have an idea of how much your most direct competition charges per hour.

5. Do I invest in a training centre or do I go on my own at home?

Although having your own centre is a good investment in the medium to long term, the truth is that if you are going to start working as a personal trainer it is best to start doing it on your own. This way, you will be able to save some money for the future and gain a portfolio of loyal service customers. However, remember that you will need to have training materials adapted to your home and be really relentless to support your clientele.

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