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The 6 most brutal crossfit training sessions

The 6 most brutal crossfit training sessions
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CrossFit workouts can be tough, as they test the limits of your strength, speed and endurance. Either in a training as a whole or individually. What’s really important at CrossFit is to test yourself and also outdo yourself. These six ultra-demanding WODs (workout of the day) will take you to the limit. Dare you try them? If you are looking for something for beginners try one of these five Crossfit trainings.

The 6 most brutal crossfit training sessions

1. FILTHY 50

A basic element of CrossFit is the FILTHY 50. It is a brutal series of exercises that can seem endless due to its degree of demand, if it is the first time you do them. The circuit includes fifty repetitions of ten different exercises, all of which must be done as quickly as possible.
It consists of doing:

  • 50 box jumps with a box of about six centimeters.
  • 50 dominated with jump.
  • 50 kettlebell swings.
  • 50 strides on foot.
  • 50 knees to the elbows.
  • 50 push press reiterations (20kg).
  • 50 back extensions.
  • 50 medicine ball throwing to the wall with a 9kg ball.
  • 50 burpees (dropping the whole body on the ground).
  • 50 jumps of comba (double unders).

This training becomes a good job as it conveys each and every one of the fundamentals and folly of CrossFit.
The Filthy 50 is considered a challenge due to its high demand in the exercises. This is a full body workout that includes large doses of cardio.

Doing so many exercises can be complicated, so maintaining a rhythm and focusing on the exercise in question is undoubtedly the best option.
Naturally, this can be altered and adapted to your level, making fewer repetitions of each exercise and also trying to make twenty or twenty-five repetitions of each one and also increasing them little by little.

The training time is 25 minutes.


Fran is a WOD based on a series of thrusters and mastered facts as fast as possible. This is a shorter training that includes three rounds:

  • First round: twenty-one repetitions of each exercise.
  • Second round: fifteen repetitions of each exercise.
  • Third round: nine repetitions of each exercise.

Fran is one of the first WODs with which people expose themselves or start in CrossFit. This does not mean that it is not difficult enough, ?the dominated ones are undoubtedly the most difficult part of this WOD?. It is more difficult for women the more they can compete against men on equal terms.

The training time is five minutes more can change depending on the weight you work with.


A fairly simple, if relentless, training. It’s about:

The 6 most brutal crossfit training sessions

  • Run a mile.
  • Make a hundred dominated.
  • 200 push-ups.
  • 300 squats.
  • Run a mile again.

As with virtually all CrossFit training, you should do it as fast as you can. The dominated ones can be altered if necessary.
CrossFit’s elite athletes make them all in a weight waistcoat.

The name of this training comes from Navy Lieutenant Michael Murphy. Who was killed in the course of his service in Afghanistan.
This training is not going to teach you exercises that you don’t already know; what changes is the fact of executing them all in exactly the same training. The key is to maintain a rhythm, especially throughout the first exercises.
In addition to this it must be stressed that the last kilometer is the most difficult part. For the fact that you have to run to the limit and maximum power to reach the finish line, but it is when you feel weaker.

The training time is forty minutes, but if it is done in forty-five it continues to be good.


The seven, you have to do the exercises as fast as possible. It’s a seven-round circuit.
Each round includes:

  • 7 handstand flexions.
  • 7 thrusters with 60kg.
  • 7 knee-elbows.
  • 7 reiterations of dead weight with 110kg.
  • 7 burpees.
  • 7 kettlebell swings.
  • 7 dominated.

Each piece of this WOD brings a new challenge and it’s up to you to be ready to give more of yourself, since there are 7 rounds. The hardest part is the handstand push-ups. There are multiple ways to alter the handstand flexes if you can’t do them but want to continue facing the circuit.


The Ryan has a duration of five rounds, executed as fast as possible. Each round includes:

The 6 most brutal crossfit training sessions

  • 7 muscle-ups.
  • 21 burpees.

The name of this WOD comes from a CrossFit enthusiast Ryan Hummert, who was killed by snipers while answering a call.

The most essential of this WOD is the muscle-up domain.
Not enough people know the technique to perform it, so whoever is able to execute one properly already proves a commitment to CrossFit training. That said, this training requires the help of a trainer to acquire the technique if it is not available. Once you learn it, this circuit will give another challenge gone.

The training time must be less than 25 minutes, once you are experienced you will be able to go down to 15 minutes.


KING-KONG is a fast training. This kind of training is for real CrossFit monsters, if you don’t have the strength to lift enough weight you don’t get a chance with this WOD.
This training is done with 3 rounds, which you must fill as fast as possible.

  • 1 repetition of dead weight with in 200kg.
  • 2 muscle-ups.
  • 3 cleans with 120kg.
  • 4 handstand flexions.

The numbers chatter on their own. Performing any part of this WOD is an accomplishment in itself. For those who have reached this WOD, dead weight and cleans tend to be the biggest challenges. Most people, directly, are not able to lift the deceased weight.

The time of this training is five minutes. It’s an incredible time, but if you can do this you really are a machine!

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