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The benefits of cutting back on simple carbohydrates

The benefits of cutting back on simple carbohydrates
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Carbohydrates are opponents for many of us, especially for those of you who want to lose weight, since it is essential to know what type of carbohydrates exist in our meals.

The benefits of cutting back on simple carbohydrates

There are 2 types, complexes and simple ones: complexes take considerably longer to digest and hold longer in your body. The simple ones, on the other hand, always and in all circumstances produce a greater dose of repentance, since they are assimilated much earlier.

Well, if your goal is to lose weight, the carbohydrates you won’t be able to eat will be the simple ones, such as white bread, pasta, potatoes and others like cookies. If you are determined to remove them from your diet or still think about whether to remove them or not, here we explain the advantages of doing so:


The most essential of the advantages, if this is your goal. Reducing your calorie-rich carbohydrate intake automatically reduces the amount of calories you eat each day, forcing your body to burn fat for energy instead of burning sweeteners.

Simple refined carbohydrates are the perfect storm: high in calories, low in fiber, lacking in protein, and high in fat.

Before your resolution to remove all this you are going to have many doubts, since you are going to ask yourself what substitute for all this, since well: youghourts, eggs, vegetables, nuts, seeds and other edible more will sustain you satisfied throughout the day and will help you with your objective.

The benefits of cutting back on simple carbohydrates


Fiber is the water of the planet’s food: vital for health and weight loss, but it is simple to forget. Actually, most of us don’t take the recommended amounts a day. Certain major sources of fiber are complex carbohydrates, such as white beans, oats, and nuts.

Nuts are a huge source of fiber and healthy fats, which can help fight inflammation in the body and promote digestion.


Simple carbohydrates are composed of simple sugars, so eating too much can wreak havoc on your body, both in the short and long term. After the ingestion of food of this genre, the sugar hits fast in the organism, your energy levels dismuyen leaving you feeling tired and hungry.

Although there is no doubt that the risk of eating this kind of food comes with time. A life full of simple carbohydrates makes your insulin levels higher than your pancreas can generate, causing insulin resistance and can lead to type two diabetes.

It can also affect your liver, which will become resistant to insulin, preventing it from producing glucose and therefore the extra sugar will be stored in the form of fat.

The benefits of cutting back on simple carbohydrates

Eat foods rich in fiber from simple digestion and thus your body will be able to sustain stable blood sugar levels and reduce the danger of diabetes.


We have already commented that simple carbohydrates are not balanced, besides this if you eat too much it will mean that there is some essential nutrient that you lack. If you continue to fill up with exactly the same energy sources as carbohydrates, you will always and in all circumstances need them to fill your appetite.

The trimming will make you eat more healthy fats and proteins, which is more satisfying for your body, as it slows digestion, sustains you full over time, it will help you prevent blood sugar peaks. This is going to make you not have cravings and without the cravings, the candy won’t attract your attention.


Carbohydrates are your body’s primary source of energy, so be careful when cutting the amount. Your body continues to need carbohydrates to function properly in addition to this they are uniquely essential for convenient brain and muscle function. You will feel fatigued if you noticeably reduce the amount, you can cause the opposite effect on your body, which can lead to weight gain. Your body won’t be able to burn calories as effectively.

The minimum healthy amount is about 50g a day, try not to eat less than this amount.

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