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The best accessories for doing push-ups at home

The best accessories for doing push-ups at home
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If you have ever thought that doing push-ups at home is an easy job, there are now tools on the market in the form of fasteners or supports that will make this well-known exercise more difficult. With home push-up accessories, you’ll raise your demand and let you improve your training program.

Whatever your goal, the different types of push-ups you will find on the market will help you lose weight at home and strengthen your upper body muscles. Discover now the accessories for doing push-ups without leaving home and discover how they can help you thrive.

Types of fasteners and supports for doing push-ups at home

There are many accessories that we can add to our routine of push-ups, so now we will know the 3 best known in the world and that will help you get in shape without having to start going to the gym:

  • Individual grips: This accessory is very easy to use. These are two small subjects that are placed on the floor in exactly the same situation where we would put our hands to do a flexion. This system makes the flexion more comfortable and smooth, thus improving our training session. The straps are wider than you might expect, and that’s a good thing because it distributes the weight of the body more evenly. Even weight distribution makes training simpler and helps put stress on the precise areas to encourage muscle.
  • Grips with platform: This accessory is really interesting, as it allows you to anchor the grips in different situations on the platform, being able to change the exercise and the muscle to train. The platform has a series of holes in different colors that indicate where to anchor them according to the orientation you want to give the exercise. Comfort is an essential aspect of this training system. In addition to this, the fasteners cushion the weight and prevent slipping. The platform itself has also been designed to support added weight and thus improve product life.
  • Bar Grips: This accessory is the only one that comes as a whole, that is, we cannot change too much the way we are going to do the bending. Although at first glance it doesn’t seem to be a solid system, the steel cylinders they incorporate are really strong. The place where we put our hands has a non-slip system and, as in all of them, is very comfortable to use. This device has the small disadvantage that we must mount it ourselves, since it is usually disassembled in a box. More relaxed, it’s not IKEA furniture, you won’t have any problems in the assembly process.
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To start exercising at home using the suggested push-up stands, place them on the floor in exactly the same place you’re going to place your hands along the push-up. Hold the endurance and perform a flexion in the same way as you always do and in all circumstances. If you can’t do normal push-ups, you can leave your knees on the floor and do the push-ups from that position. Endurance will also help if you do your push-ups using your knees.

There are also different ways to make exercise more difficult. You can increase the number of repetitions you do, you can do more series, take less rest time, use more weight or increase your range of motion. Scientific studies on range of motion are promising.

Do push-ups improve exercise technique?

Many people wonder whether home push-up supports are advantageous for advancing exercise technique. In the studies published in two thousand fourteen in the , studies, scholars looked at the differences between short range-of-motion and long range-of-motion weight-bearing. After examining the results, they found that long range of motion was better for gaining muscle and making it stronger. Another study published in 2002 also showed that using a total range of motion significantly increases the force over partial range of motion.

Some people may use pushup accessories to protect their wrists. It is considerably more comfortable for the wrist to use a support because this way it does not have to bend over as far back as if it had its hand on the floor. If you suffer from wrist problems, your endurance will avoid pain when using a neutral grip.

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On the other hand, if you have shoulder problems, the pushup straps are not going to help. The increased range of motion you achieve using the straps will force your shoulders to go further, which will end up causing pain and possibly injury. If you have any shoulder problems, you should avoid this accessory and do pushups in the traditional way.

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