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The best advice for those who are looking for a perfect dominate

The best advice for those who are looking for a perfect dominate
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The best advice for those who are looking for a perfect dominate

The dominated is an exercise that involves multiple muscle groups related to the upper body, such as the back, biceps and shoulders. Although it can be done with any grip, the habitual dominated one is usually called the one that is done with the palms of the hands face down.

If you love bodybuilding, you’ll know that the dominated is a good way to gain muscle strength and, despite what many think, is not an exercise exclusive to gymnasts or athletes. In this article we will show you how to master correctly and the key moves to improve quickly.

The best advice for those who are looking for a perfect dominate

What are the frequent failures when making dominated?

Would you like to improve your mastery technique? Certain exercises require a more refined technique than others, and learning how to do them perfectly is the key to taking advantage of training at one hundred percent, as is the case with dominated. Apart from the false myths about bodybuilding that you are going to hear when you start going to the gym, we are going to show you 4 common mistakes that you must avoid when you dominate in order to get the most out of this exercise:

  • Perform complete movement. It is essential to remember that the muscles of the back are the muscular group that works the most when we are dominated. If we do a half dominate we don’t let these muscles stretch as much as they should and most of the work falls on the arms.
  • Do not open elbows. If you want to strengthen and develop your back muscles, it is essential to hold your elbows under the bar. By holding this posture we are going to make it considerably simpler to elevate our chest face up and our back muscles are very stimulated.
  • Check the shoulders. The most difficult part of a dominated one may be learning to supervise the shoulder blade or shoulders. Each reiteration should begin with a noticeable depression and retraction of the shoulders. This tightens the muscles of your back and prepares you to do a dominate using less biceps than if you did it otherwise.
  • Do not put the body too hard. Quite a few people assert that the body must be held absolutely straight from head to toe in order to make a good domination, which is an erroneous thought. We know that the dominated are to develop the back and we have learned that working the back requires a retraction of the shoulders in order for them to contact the following muscles. Try to pull the shoulders back without gently folding the back and you will see that it is not possible. When you’re making the move, think about lifting the rib cage face the bar. Arch the back and adjust the shoulders and you’ll appreciate the difference.

Keys to prosper the dominated that will surprise you

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The best advice for those who are looking for a perfect dominate

Did you know that the dominated ones are the perfect example to delimit the body? Now that you know what are the frequent errors when making dominated, it is time for you to discover certain key guidelines to improve the technique of the dominated in a short time:

  • Start with a dominated stocking, without getting too close to the bar. In this way, you will be able to advance a complete mastery little by little, progressively and without overexertion.
  • Do not make a strong impulse when climbing and do not let yourself fall during the eccentric phase. Make a slow, controlled movement along the entire route to concentrate on the muscles you have worked on.
  • Slightly bend the elbows during the entire movement. This way, you will help your joint to be held protected and you will get a considerably more effective and resistant muscular work.
  • The knees should be relaxed, although you should subtly bend them when you do the dominate. Avoid swinging your legs and try to climb with the strength of your abdominals.

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