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The best and worst hangover foods

The best and worst hangover foods
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It’s one of those mornings: The previous night was a foolishness and getting out of bed seemed like an impossible mission. Since always and in every circumstance it has been said to eat a piece of pizza or some swill when you arrive for the celebration, but wait – It has been scientifically proven that certain foodstuffs assist in not having a hangover! -. Read to learn which foods can soothe the article-celebration symptoms and those you should avoid.

The best and worst hangover foods

First things first, let’s talk scientifically. Hangover symptoms – nausea, sensitivity to light, headache, aching muscles, diarrhea, and lack of reaction – are caused by chemical changes in the body including hormones, chemical reactions, and alcohol toxins.

The science of the hangover (and how to prevent it) has yet to be studied, hence people have been devising their “cures” for decades. Since no drink or food can heal the hangover, certain foods are better for your restoration. After waking up with your head like a hype, it is necessary to restore your body of many liquids, fructose, vitamins, amino acids and minerals that will help you to disarticulate toxins or reduce the reaction of chemicals in beverages.

Beverages that help


The elixir of life should be your #1 priority after waking up with a tremendous headache. Alcohol is diuretic, which means it expels fluid from the body. When there is nothing in the reservoir, the body will draw water from any available source, including the brain – hello headache. Taking some H2O even before you fall into bed can help prevent certain hangover symptoms, but in the morning you will need to continue taking it.

Isotonic drinks or coconut water

Sports drinks with a lot of sugar can do you more harm than good, but this won’t be the biggest of your drawbacks. Take a Gatorade or a related drink to restore the level of liquid and electrolytes. Either you open a coconut and drink its water because it has five of the electrolytes contained in human blood, whereas isotonic drinks only have two.

Ginger or mint tea

To be able to rest in calm, don’t think too much and take your favorite tea. Studies have proven that ginger tea reduces nausea and that peppermint tea (a common antidote for women who are pregnant) reduces stomach pain and calms nausea.

Fruit juice

Drinking a glass of apple juice or cranberry juice will help you begin the restoration process. Fruit fructose gives instant energy to the body, as well as containing vitamins and plenty of water to rehydrate the body.

The best and worst hangover foods

Gherkin juice

This antidote to hangover is strange, but different sources swear it goes! Because the liquid contains vinegar, salt, and water, it helps rehydrate and restore the body’s electrolyte and sodium levels.


While waking up with 0 energy sounds like the perfect instant for your cup of coffee, it can really give you even more headache than you have. But if you’re used to coffee in the morning, don’t change it for the fact that it will also hydrate you and give you energy.

Meals that help


This basic is the star of brunch for many reasons. The eggs are full of amino acids like cysteine and taurine. Taurine increases liver function and helps prevent liver disease. And the cysteine for the headache caused by the decomposition of ethanol.

Bananas, dates and green leaves

These brightly colored foods contain potassium, an essential electrolyte that is frequently depleted due to the diuretic effect of alcohol. But the first thing in the morning you don’t feel like much of a salad, so you add an iogur (which contains more potassium) and mix the ingredients to have an anti hangover shake.

Chicken Noodles

Back from celebration and a cup of chicken soup? It may not be the most common, but some chicken noodles will restore your body’s sodium and water levels. In addition to this the chicken also contains cysteine which will give more energy to the liver to do its functions.

Miso Soup

Sushi is the last thing we want to eat after returning from celebration, but there is no reason to abstain from all Japanese food. Like traditional chicken noodles, miso soup is a good solution to rehydrate you and reestablish sodium levels, while fermented miso helps you digest.

The best and worst hangover foods

Biscuits or torradas with honey

Because the cookies are loaded with preservatives, choose a healthier alternative like whole wheat. Both biscuits and whole wheat torradas are tasteless carbohydrates and low in sugars. Hence, a good option is to add a splash of honey to get a little more flavor and energy.


Take this super-edible to start a stellar morning. A hot plate of oatmeal has plenty of essential nutrients such as vitamin B, calcium, magnesium and iron. In addition to this, oats can help cancel out acids in the body and raise blood sugar levels to feel like you have more energy.

Foods and drinks to avoid

Greasy food

Contrary to what we often do, junk food is not our best option. It turns out that junk food is much better for preventing hangovers than for healing them, while fried foods can irritate your stomach. However, if you eat a large hamburger before you start drinking alcohol, you can help guard your stomach by avoiding alcohol being absorbed into it and your bloodstream.

After one, another

“Hair of the dog, that bites you. This absurd expression comes from a popular Norwegian saying that the best cure for a hangover is to start the day as you finished it, with a glass of your favourite alcohol. But leaving this aside, having a drink in the morning is not the best solution as an alcoholic beverage will dry you out more and lead you to a worse hangover.

Orange juice

Put the orange juice aside if you went out the night before. Citrus fruits such as orange and grapefruit can irritate the stomach. In addition to this, you should also not drink tomato juice because it is also acidic, so ordering a Bloody Mary at brunch is not the best option.

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