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The best classes aimed at working the whole body in the gym

The best classes aimed at working the whole body in the gym
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Joining the gym is something we all think about at any given moment. It is possible that our life is approximately sedentary, that we like or dislike the sport, but the gym always and in all circumstances is a good option to stay in shape. The thing is, once we decide to sign up, there’s another outstanding question: what part of the body to work on?

The best classes aimed at working the whole body in the gym

The ideal would be to be able to work all and each one of the zones, but let’s recognize it, few people have so much time to dedicate to the gym, because they do not want or because they cannot. That’s why the best choice when you start at the gym is to attend a group class that works in the same way in each and every area of your body. Find out which are the best directed activities to work your whole body in the gym, below.

4 ideal activities to work each and every muscle

Although a few years ago, the collective classes of the gym were considered to be for girls, today they have become trendy and attend both men and women, inasmuch as they are very advantageous and can assist us to work our whole body in a most entertaining way. Do you dare to try some activity directed at the gym to train each and every muscle?


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One of the favorites for lovers of dance, which more areas work and where you have the best time. Zumba is a discipline that has become very trendy in recent times, and not for nothing, as long as people who choose zumba do it for its advantages.

For starters, this is a class that combines dancing with physical exercise, which will help you move your entire body while burning fat and strengthening your muscles. If you try it, you’ll soon see the results. On the other hand, if you’re not very athletic or are not very motivated to go to the gym, you should know that zumba classes are very entertaining and will pass you by right away.

The best classes aimed at working the whole body in the gym


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A training of high intensity, comparable to those carried out in the army. But that an activity, Crossfit is a kind of training that is based on the movements of the body. In truth, it tries to recreate movements that we make in our day after day, such as lifting weight or bending down.

It’s a tough training, so if it’s your first Crossfit class it might cost you a little bit more, but this is no reason for me to turn you back. If you really want to try it, start at your own pace, and if you don’t stop, in no time you will have taken the class. This is a series of exercises ideal for burning calories and working the whole body.

Body Combat

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The best classes aimed at working the whole body in the gym

Another of the gym’s most enjoyable and popular group classes is the Body Combat. This is an activity that combines boxing techniques with dancing and lets us burn calories quickly while we exercise countless muscles of our body. The body combat works the arms, legs and abdomen.

If you’re not used to doing sports, it may cost you a bit at the beginning, but don’t get discouraged, in a short time you’ll appreciate the results.


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One of the most traditional, that takes more years and does not lose followers. Spinning now has the name indoor cycle but for the case is the same: a series of routines on a stationary bike through which you can work the whole body. The fact that the exercise is carried out on a bicycle, can make fall into the failure that only work the legs. However, when spinning we work on the back, buttocks, legs, arms and abdomen.

In this class, high intensity cycles are combined with other considerably softer periods of rest. As in the rest of the classes, it is possible that at the beginning you will not be able to continue the whole Spinning class, but with several sessions, you will be inside.

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