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The best complements to run in the renault runners 2017

The best complements to run in the renault runners 2017
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For those of you who like to go running, you are undoubtedly grateful for any help focused on facilitating those running sessions you yearn for.

The best complements to run in the renault runners 2017

Because while it may seem easy at first, running is not just running. Running is more, considerably more. It’s going out to the street to dominate your body, to squeeze the juice out of your lungs, to beat your marks feeling the breeze on your face, ignoring that little voice that says you’d be better off sitting on the couch, that encourages you to stop while you endure to continue a few hundred and hundreds of meters more, until one day you realize that the happy little voice no longer sounds in your head and you enjoy with your whole being the liberating sensation of running without a prey to achieve, without a lion to flee from.

That’s why, in this inspiring and challenging race in unison, any accessory that brings you a little closer to the asphalt domain is welcome. So we’ll go over the best runner plug-ins you can use in your sessions.

But before that, we want to tell you something related to what is perhaps the best help you can perceive to overcome running: motivation. And it is nothing other than the launch of the Renault Runners racing circuit, which once again calls 19 races spread across multiple Spanish cities in which you can win different prizes, although undoubtedly the best of all is, as the saying goes, to participate, enjoying the good environment and positive attitude that has been breathed in each and every one of the editions of the circuit.

The best complements to run in the renault runners 2017

In addition, to get ready you can pile up miles in your training with the Endomondo APP and be rewarded in a quarterly draw according to the distance you travel.

And if you enter the Renault Runners website you will enjoy exclusive contents and you will be able to participate in competitions in which, with a little luck, you will be able to take with you material for runners, bibs and even the possibility of participating in the Half Marathon of the city of Paris that will be celebrated in the month of February of two thousand eighteen. A luxury for any running enthusiast, whether he has run before or not a popular race.

The best complements to run in the renault runners 2017

Do you feel the motivation burning in your veins? Now that you have, it’s time to learn about the add-ons that will take your careers to the next level.

The best complements to be an unstoppable runner

  • Goggles to run: they suppose an unusual barrier against the wind and the rain that can appear in full race, but it is that besides this mere fact of running already makes you go against a mass of air that can generate lagrimeo and other visual annoyances, for not chatlar of the small flying insects and particles that drag the wind and that are introduced in your eyes of good to first. Your lenses will make you forget about this inconvenience and if they have an ultraviolet filter they will also protect your eyes from the harmful radiation of the sun. Undoubtedly, one of our preferred complements.
  • A heart rate meter or a heart rate monitor: this accessory, which looks like a simple wristwatch in front of the untrained eye, is an artifact that measures your heart rate while you exercise. Why should you know it? To adjust the intensity of your training according to the readings you get at each and every moment and the goal you pursue. For us it is a basic one: if you want to prosper you must measure your performance, and the heart rate monitor is the ideal tool to achieve it.
  • GPS: a good geolocation system or GPS can also be really useful to assess the stretch of route you have made in each of the sessions, indicated on a map, this way to save your journeys and focus on those that cost you the most with the goal of surpassing them last. You can use an APP for your smartphone or wear it comfortably on your wrist integrated into a sports wristband or watch.
  • Drink belt: if you are going to run long distances, it is going to be sensational to have a hydration belt where you can keep bottles of water or isotonic drinks to drink along your route. If the heart rate monitor is essential to your performance, a belt of this kind is essential to take care of your body while running, since you could dry out if you don’t drink enough.
  • Breathable caps: you can wear them in winter. They will support your anatomical heat – which usually escapes through this part of our anatomy – helping you to overcome the inclemency of the most extreme season of the year while letting sweat evaporate through its breathable fabric.
  • Vest for runners: it is a complement consisting of a garment for your torso, in which you can gradually put weight thanks to its compartments uniquely designed for this. When, after using it with certain frequency, you prepare to run without it, you will have the sensation of being as light as air, thanks to the increase in strength and resistance that you will have achieved.
  • Now that you know our basics for running, why don’t you start taking advantage of them? The Renault Runners circuit can be the ideal appointment to check its efficiency in your trainings.

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