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The planet of the regimes is too vast, having so much detailed plurality of nutrition can be a bit confusing. The vast majority of them are designed to lose weight or improve physical conditioning, but the continuous hardness and limitations of foodstuffs make the abandonment rate quite high over time.

If we affirm that there is a diet or rather a healthy way of life that together with exercise is able to contribute to your life the balance of mind and body that you need. And that it is also more efficient at losing weight than other low-fat or carbohydrate diets you may have tried before? Do you believe that? Since we affirm to you that for many, this diet can be considerably closer than you think.

According to the latest Harvard studies, the Mediterranean diet has been named the best diet on the planet. The exuberance of foods such as fish, fruits, vegetables, cereals, natural oils, low consumption of red meat, eggs and other products make this diet the ideal combination for the heart, body and brain function.


In the mid-1900s, some peoples in the eastern Mediterranean (particularly Greece and southern Italy) were found to have longer, disease-free lives than those in the industrialized West, including the United Kingdom. A key reason for this difference turned out to be the difference in diet. This led scholars to successfully examine and test an ideal"Mediterranean Diet" diet.

General principles of the diet

  • Maximize your intake of vegetables, peas and legumes, fruits and whole grains.
  • Limiting red meat consumption, fish and poultry are the healthiest substitutes.
  • Whenever possible, use olive oil instead of animal fat such as butter or lard.
  • Limit the consumption of processed"fast foods" and"prepared foods", where it is impossible to count their high content in supersaturated fats and salt.
  • Moderate consumption of dairy products.
  • Snack is about fruits and nuts instead of cakes, chips and cookies.
  • Drink wine (red) during meals, but no more than 2 glasses a day if you are a man and no more than 1/ 2 glasses a day if you are a woman.
  • Water, the best drink.

To be more specific, the Mediterranean diet is a way of eating based on the traditional foods of the countries surrounding the Mediterranean Sea. It is essential to stress that although it is a huge help for weight loss, it is not a diet.

Your benefits

  • Decreases cardiovascular hazard
  • Increases life expectancy
  • Helps reduce obesity rates
  • Prevents degenerative diseases
  • Balances blood cholesterol, lowering its levels

Knowing its benefits and with the purpose of expanding it to other countries so that the whole planet can enjoy them, Oldways, together with the help of the Harvard Institute and the European Health Organization, created a nutrition pyramid based in the Mediterranean areas. The foodstuffs of the Mediterranean diet make up a perfectly balanced pyramid, so that we have the right and precise calorific contribution for the proper functioning of the body.

Approximate portions of the pyramid

  • One cup of raw leafy vegetables or half a cup of other vegetables.
  • One hundred g.
  • One cup (one hundred grams) of cooked legumes.
  • Eat 30g as a snack or sprinkle on the food.
  • One apple, banana, one orange, two hundred g of melon or watermelon, thirty g of grapes.
  • 60 g of lean meat or cooked fish.
  • Cereals: half a cup (fifty-sixty g) of pasta or cooked rice; one slice of bread (twenty-five g).
  • One cup of milk or yogurt; 30 g of cheese.
  • One egg.
  • One hundred and twenty-five ml of red wine.

Now you have all the information you need to continue the most successful balanced diet in the world!

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