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Diabetes is not incompatible with sport. What's more, you can help us monitor our blood sugar, but we must always and always take our blood sugar levels into consideration. We must know how to stop in time when an imbalance is generated and recover before returning to practice it. One of the few determinants of diabetes when practicing sports is the medical condition of each one of them, although the whole planet can do thirty minutes of exercise a day -whether it's by the tug or spread out over the day. Let's discover the best exercises for diabetics.


Walking is one of the most recommended exercises by doctors, if not the most recommended, for type two diabetics. Going for a walk at least 3 days a week helps us progress our heart rate, but we can walk those 30 minutes we finish talking about every day. A good way to do this is to take our dog for a walk, something that the dog will undoubtedly appreciate.


The loss of muscle mass makes it difficult for us to maintain a good blood sugar level, so a good training in the gym that includes exercises with weights, dumbbells or machines will help us to progress our muscle mass and therefore monitor blood sugar levels. It is sufficient to have 3 gym sessions per week, always and at all times leaving a day of rest between sessions.

The bicycle

In the gym we can also do exercise bikes, an aerobic activity that strengthens the heart and lungs, burns calories and improves blood flow in the legs. Among the benefits of the exercise bike in front of the road bike are that we are in a covered place, free from the weather or falls, which can also influence the sugar level.


And if the gym also includes a swimming pool, it is ideal for diabetics. Swimming is less stressful than cycling, running or even walking because there is no impact on the joints. It can be very advantageous for people with excess weight associated with diabetes, while avoiding pain in the knees or ankles, the result of their own weight, which facilitates the practice of sports and improves the well-being of the diabetic.

Yoga, pilates, tai-chi....

They're getting more and more popular in this country. The fact that these are generally slow and orderly movements can arouse some misgivings, but in addition to helping us to combat stress and to relax they also contribute to reducing anatomical fat or to combating insulin resistance. The sum of all these factors causes blood sugar levels to balance on their own. Again, with half an hour a day we will be able to take advantage of these benefits.

In addition to exercise, you should follow healthy lifestyle habits to monitor your blood sugar. At 50+ Homemade antidotes for diabetes and lowering blood sugar we find tricks that will help us achieve this dual goal through our daily intake, improving our nutrition to increase our intake of sugar-balancing products, diabetes prevention tips, etc.

If you are not used to playing sports, or have not worn your shoes for a long time and have lost your way, remember to increase the intensity little by little. The first few days are a time to get in touch, and little by little you will appreciate how you are progressing and it costs you less. Seeing this progress, this improvement in your physical condition is the best stimulant to not give up and to continue doing sport on a regular basis to keep our blood sugar levels under control.

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