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The best exercises to increase balance and coordination

The best exercises to increase balance and coordination
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Having a good balance and being able to coordinate our movements is essential for the development of routine activities and also for progress in the practice of any sport. With the exercises to increase balance and coordination that we present to you, you will strengthen the core and your control of the anatomical posture will improve considerably.

The balance and coordination exercises are very simple movements that work to achieve a double objective:

  • Stronger musculature together with more of a singular incidence in the central zone, in the wood, which allows us to stand upright with the spine perfectly aligned.
  • A better connection between the commands given by our brain at the moment of movement and the muscles and joints that execute it.

Improving balance and coordination means gaining agility, responsiveness, strength and endurance. If you run, you will appreciate a better performance and better running technique; if you train your strength, a good balance will help you to perform every movement correctly and, although you are not used to practicing sports every day, exercising your balance and coordination of movements will contribute to your general well-being and avoid the discomfort caused by bad postures.

Routine to gain balance and coordination

Try adding some of these exercises to thrive balance and coordination to your weekly training routine. Just take a few minutes or a couple of days to appreciate the improvement, whether you practice a particular activity or are used to combining sports. Many are practically one more game and are really effective, so get going:

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Exercises for balance

If your goal is to improve your balance, then you can practice your next exercise routine:

  • On an imaginary (or painted) line, try to walk around putting one foot in front of the other without slipping out and placing your heel just in front of the toes behind it.
  • Jump with your 2 legs in unison and also try to fall always and at all times at exactly the same point. You’ll see it’s not as simple as it looks. As you do, do exactly the same exercise on a soft surface, for example, a pillow. Try to jump and fall on it, and see if you can do it now.
  • Take a stride while holding a ball with your 2 hands (arms outstretched face forward). Now, raise the leg that is extended and support a few seconds holding the balance.
  • Jump with a twist. Improves balance and coordination with this exercise. In a single move, it jumps and rotates in the air 90º while you clap your hands. Try to fall at exactly the same point. Repeat face the other side.
  • Raise your right knee to hip height. Put your weight on your other leg. Support holding the balance. You may find it easier with your arms outstretched.
  • On a mat, support your knees and the palms of your hands (4 legs). Stretch one arm and opposite leg while contracting the buttocks and abdomen.

Exercises for coordination

However, if you also want to improve your coordination for whatever reason, we can help you achieve it with this training routine:

  • Throw a tennis ball against a wall and also try to catch it, the first time, with one hand. Repeat with the other hand. More difficult? While the ball bounces on the wall, it leaps and turns around a full circle. Try to fall at exactly the same point and, in addition to this, catch the ball. Great for improving coordination and balance in unison.
  • Remember the hopscotch game? Paint multiple squares together on the floor creating some combination, for example two +1+2. Go through the squares (without leaving their space) alternating jumps with one leg, with the two together or separated.
  • Include in certain exercises that you frequently do a factor that”breaks” your routine and demands a quick answer. One more squatting and throwing a ball into the air that you must catch on the fly; a race track with cones that you must avoid; or some lateral push-ups with a hoop that you must throw and catch at the right moment, are certain exercises that not only will keep you in shape, but you will gain in coordination and balance.
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