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The best exercises to strengthen the pectorals

The best exercises to strengthen the pectorals
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The best exercises to strengthen the pectorals

One of the most difficult muscle groups to work with is undoubtedly the pectorals. Developing strong pectorals is a task that involves enormous care and tenacity, for this reason it is essential to continue a routine of exercises for specific pectorals to assist you to strengthen and strengthen the chest progressively.

The pectorals are one of the largest muscle groups in the human body. This muscular group is made up of four muscles. 2 major pectorals that cover practically all our torso and whose functions are the adductor function and to be worth so that our arms rotate. The other 2 muscles that make up the pectorals are the so-called minor pectorals. These muscles are under the major pectorals and their function is essentially to stabilize our body.

If you are just starting to go to the gym, or you already have experience in physical exercise and want to increase your pectorals, now we are going to explain in detail a series of exercises that will help you to strengthen and increase your pectorals both at home and in the gym.

3 ideal exercises to increase and strengthen the pectorals

Whether you’re used to training at home or in the gym, you’ll be interested to know that there are plenty of exercises to strengthen the pectorals so we’ll focus on the most used.

The best exercises to strengthen the pectorals

1. Bank press with bar

It’s probably the exercise we all started working on the pectorals. To exercise the bench press with bar, we only have to lie down on a flat bench and lift the bar whose weight must be adjusted to our capabilities. The most convenient thing is to start with little weight and increase it depending on the evolution. We must remember that it is essential not to suffer injuries.

Other variations of this type of exercise are the press in inclined banking and the press in declined banking. In the first one our body is subtly face up and we are going to have to lift the bar in the same way as in flatbed press.

The declined bench press turns out to be much more complicated since our body is going to be inclined face down with what will be more difficult to lift the bar. If the 2 preceding exercises are not called, it is not convenient to carry them out. On the other hand, in the first occasions that we carry out in the declined bench press it is recommended that we lower the weight of the bar.

2. Dumbbell Bench Press

Very similar to precedents in that one can choose to use a flat bench or a sloping bench. In the dumbbell bench press, we are going to have to open the arms with the dumbbells and later close them. As in the rest of the exercises we must adjust the weight of the dumbbells and the repetitions to our capacity. Also, this is one of the ideal exercises not to lose muscle mass if you are injured, usually.

The best exercises to strengthen the pectorals

3. Flexions

The flexions are one of the best exercises to strengthen the pectorals and in addition to this have the benefit that no kind of device is needed to perform them. Just our body and a place where we feel comfortable.

In addition to the traditional normal push-ups that we all know, there are two other types of push-ups that we can perform to strengthen the chest muscles, these are:

  • Declined push-ups. In the same way that in the bench press declined, the lower part of our body, that is to say, the legs remained on our head.

    They are more difficult than normal and require more strength, but apart from assisting us to strengthen the arms is an ideal exercise to reconcile with others of the above.
  • Asymmetrical flexions. This kind of push-ups are really good for working individual parts of the chest. To perform asymmetrical flexions we will have to put one of our hands at the same height as the other. The ideal is to use a bar for flexions and also to go alternating the arms to strengthen the two parts equally.

To conclude, if you don’t like the gym too much and prefer to do sports where more muscle groups are worked than the pectorals, swimming is a sport that helps significantly to develop the chest muscles. Also, swimming is used to lose weight, burn fat and gain endurance, making it a sport that we invite you to achieve your goals.

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