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The best hypertrophy exercises to gain muscle mass

The best hypertrophy exercises to gain muscle mass
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You’ll like this article. How many of you train frequently in the gym and don’t know what exercises to do? Or do you get stuck? Or don’t you see results? Or have you been using exactly the same table for months? Well now I propose here a table of hypertrophy (increase size of muscle fibers) to gain muscle mass, is designed for an intermediate level individual who wants to gain muscle mass.

The best hypertrophy exercises to gain muscle mass

Many times in the gyms they make us tables, or that they affirm because essentially they only affirm you the exercise, number of series and number of reiterations, but a well made table is composed by other aspects like the recovery, intensity or load, cadence?

Remember that apart from a series of exercises to increase the anatomical mass, what will generate the increase of this will be the diet, doing the exercises without eating conveniently will not gain much muscle mass.

We will then conduct a training routine for the proposed individual. We remember that the routines will be changed every month more or less so as not to habituate the muscle always and at all times to exactly the same angles and the same stimuli, offering in this way the possibility to thrive. In the table there should be both polyarticular and mono-articular exercises, that is, basic exercises involving large muscle masses such as dominated, dead weight, squats? which will be the basis of our training and complementary exercises or isolation, where we seek to isolate as much as possible the muscle we want to ask (requires concentration and focus the muscle trying to perceive as much as possible).

The table of the individual goes on to characterize by an intensity between sixty and eighty-five percent intensity to develop hypertrophy, with a restoration between series of between thirty seconds to two minutes.

We will train four days a week the different muscle groups individually, there are many ways to organize them and many variations depending on the days we can train? Each and every way, the best thing for an intermediate person is to train four days a week, since five really few people can and maybe we are over-training if we don’t have good planning. Do you have to remember that the muscle medrahs when it rests?

The best hypertrophy exercises to gain muscle mass

We must also remember that before and after each one of the sessions we will stretch well and one day per week at least we will do a bit of cardio(This is only one proposal, many can be made, adapting to the possibilities of the individual different trainings, schedules, meals, puny points?).

The best hypertrophy exercises to gain muscle mass

We look forward to your comments and suggestions and, above all, if you have any doubt, do not hesitate to consult! We like people to ask questions and be interested in what we write. To finish, just cheer up and remember to give greater relevance to the technique, do not overdo the weight if you can not, it is essential the cadence and do the exercise with its convenient technique, only in this way we will stretch the maximum muscle fibers, otherwise we are shortening the muscle.

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