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The bench press is one of the exercises where the person challenges himself or herself in each and every hoist. This progressive challenge is what makes us believe that we can maximize each and every one of the movements and even begin to change with the different modalities that the bank gives you. But which is the best option to achieve your goals and which is the best technique?

It is essential to know the mechanical differences, the tension angles and the efficiency between the situation of the flat bench and its inclined variation.

Flat bench

Although this exercise can be really popular, really few people actually get to do it properly, for this reason we will be reminding you of the steps:

  • Lie on the bench with a small arch in the lower back, with your buttocks and upper back in contact with the bench.
  • Keep your whole body tight, lower the bar with your elbows, at an angle of about forty-five degrees to your torso.
  • When you touch the lower chest area, bring the bar back to its original position with a slight bend in the elbows.

PROS: Because it is one of the most essential upper body movements, the flat bench press can assist you in increasing both muscle mass and strength. The use of most of the muscle tissue of the pectorals, shoulders and triceps not only makes exercise efficient but also makes it effective. There are few upper body movements, where weight can be used for so many muscle sets.

CONTRAS: Doing the exercise in an inappropriate way can become your worst nightmare. Excess weight and poor posture can represent essential damage. The key to the exercise is not to treat the flat-bed press like the machine that drives you to success and start doing repetitions uncontrollably, but to look at it like any other exercise that helps you build muscle safely and efficiently.

Doing the exercise properly is essential, as it will become the essential part of your resistance training. Here we explain in detail the proper technique.

Inclined bench press

In this case, the tilted bench press is generally a somewhat more difficult move, if we compare it with the previous one. Despite the difference in tilt angle, with the tilted bench press you will be able to strengthen the upper chest considerably faster. We review the steps so that there is no doubt:

  • Lie on a sloping bench, with your buttocks in contact with the bench and a slight arch in your lower back.
  • Squeeze the shoulders face back and raise the rib cage slightly.
  • Lower the bar until it is under your neck and your elbows are at a slight angle to your torso.
  • Touch the bar with your upper chest and bring the bar back to the situation it starts with without blocking your elbows.

PROS: Given the inclination of the bench, with this exercise you will be able to work the top of your pecs in an easy way. But it is possible to emphasize that you will not only strengthen this area but also the whole pectoral area and there is more emphasis on the shoulders.

CONTRAS: The excess weight used can not only be detrimental to your results but also prepares you for possible injury and later superfluous exhaustion.

Another common fault is the use of a short range of motion. When the bar stops a few inches or even halfway down the slope, you forget to work an essential stretch of muscle tissue. Use less weight if you think you can't perform the entire movement, this way you will see better results.

What is our recommendation and conclusion:

We have observed that these two exercises are very similar in execution but have some significant differences in effect. The feet on the ground would tell you that the flat bench works more intensively on the middle and lower parts of the pectorals and on the other hand the inclined version on the upper part. But really when done properly the exercise strengthens the entire chest.

In the case of the inclined bench press, it requires a greater range of motion. This is due to the lower weight requirement. Otherwise, the flat version is the most widely used by users and is generally included in each and every training program.

Our recommendation is to use both exercise modes, even if you must venture out with the tilted bench press for the first time. It's the combination of the two that will surely make you achieve perfect pecs.

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