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The best machines to work the arms in the gym

The best machines to work the arms in the gym
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The musculature of the arms requires concrete work in order to achieve the unbeatable tone and desired power. In the gym, you have devices that can assist you in achieving your goal by developing not only biceps and triceps but rather the musculature of the upper extremities as a whole. Apart from reviewing the keys to increasing the volume of the arms that we point out to you, discover which are the best machines for training arms in the gym, and take advantage of them!

The best machines to work the arms in the gym

Devices for training arms in the gym

A harmonious and balanced development of the entire musculature must include well-toned and defined arms. You have a multitude of exercises, with or without weight, to work them thoroughly but, in addition to this, certain devices are ideal for achieving maximum performance with less care and greater safety at the time of avoiding injuries. Pulleys, elliptical or machines for funds and dominated are certain options that you must include in your sessions if you want to work the arms in the gym and achieve powerful arms in less time:

The pulleys

For many, it is the best device to develop the musculature of the arms as it leaves an enormous plurality of exercises that directly affect the biceps, triceps and deltoids. Training with pulleys has many benefits: they leave the work of the arms from different angles, increasing the range of motion and contributing to increase muscle mass with speed and efficiency. Triceps extensions, biceps curl, ?preacher?, signals? are just some of the options offered by the pulleys so you can boast of chiseled arms in just a few weeks.

The Elliptical

It does not lack in any gym because of its capacity to offer a complete aerobic training and because of the multiple benefits it provides. If you have doubts about whether you burn more calories on the tape or in the elliptical, you should know that this is “favorite” when burning fat but do not forget that it is also a great device to strengthen the arms in the gym. When you get on it, remember to hold the handles to exercise the musculature of your upper extremities at the pace that accompanies the movement of your legs. Without the need for weights or dumbbells, with the elliptical your arms will reach the solidity you want.

The best machines to work the arms in the gym


The rowing machine in the gym leaves a training that involves virtually each and every one of the major muscle groups. When bogar, your arms work very hard to overcome the resistance of this device as easy as it is efficient. Incorporate rowing into your gym routine if you want strong, rock-solid arms.

Bottom and dominated machine

There are different types of multifunction equipment in which it is possible to carry out these 2 exercises, backgrounds and mastered, which are basic for the development of the musculature of the upper train. With them you can carry out strength training for your arms of great intensity, always and at all times adjusting the resistance of the machine to your weight and your level of fitness. Undoubtedly, it must be included among the best gym equipment to work arms.


It is not a machine but an accessory that leaves new possibilities at the time of the training. The flexible bands of the TRX training that start from a fixed anchorage leave the training in suspension and to carry out exercises like the effective plates with a greater incidence on the musculature of the arms. With this element, while your legs are suspended and supported by the TRX, the musculature of your arms is transformed into a primordial support point, making biceps and triceps work intensely and thrive in an evident way.

The best machines to work the arms in the gym

How to work your arms with gym machines

Take advantage to the limit of the benefits offered by the equipment that your gym has. The arms intervene in a multitude of exercises, but if you want a specific development of your musculature, remember that you must do a specific training 2 ? 3 times a week.

A few minutes of rowing to finish the session, two-three series of eight-ten repetitions on the backdrop machine or a routine that includes bicep curls and tricep extensions are just a few examples of how to take advantage of the gym machines to develop your arms by increasing their strength and power.

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