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Nutritional supplements may be the best complement to training when it comes to gaining muscle or losing weight, but we can't just take supplements. First, it is essential that you continue your daily exercise and supplements with a diet and a good rest; and second, we must distinguish between those we take before and after training, while not all have exactly the same function, and know what we take. To give you an example, even before taking amino acids, you should have good information about BCAAs, as with shakes or creatine.

Supplements for already before training

Without a doubt, the big star before training is the amino acids. There are different kinds of amino acids, each one with its own function, but they are going to be very useful when it comes to training. For example, taurine helps us in muscle contraction, improving performance and reducing fatigue; BCAAs (leucine, isoleucine and valine) go directly to the muscle, helping the muscle to thrive.... They must be of the highest quality, like the amino acids in HSNstore, an expert store for these supplements, so that they can be perfectly absorbed by the body.

How many times have you seen athletes of every level, beginners and elite professionals, take an energy drink before they compete? As long as we take it in moderate doses, caffeine helps us to concentrate better, progresses the coordination and fluidity of our movements and delays the onset of fatigue. Finally, vitamin Y is also a great muscle protector that we should also take before training.

You may be surprised, but here we should also include proteins. Although it is common to take protein shakes after training, we must recharge the body's energy during the day, hence the importance of taking protein before training. In this way, the body will be able to digest each and every nutrient well and your performance will improve as not only will the dreaded onset of fatigue be delayed, but also the risk of any muscle injury will be reduced.

Supplements for after training

We have already finished training, and again we can use proteins to restore energy levels, whether in the form of a supplement or even better in protein-rich foods. In addition to proteins, we can also use amino acids such as glutamine, which promotes muscle restoration. It is enough to add a small dose of glutamine to our shake training article to take full advantage of its benefits, including the prevention of pre-training syndrome.

We can't overlook fast-digesting carbohydrates. They are used to carry carbohydrates quickly to the muscles, stimulating the production of insulin and stimulating the production of muscle glycogen. This is something we cannot achieve with slow-assimilation carbohydrates such as fruit or oats. They are ideal for athletes with a high volume of training, as they allow them to return to complete their energy deposits much earlier, favouring recovery for the next session.

Creatine: before, during and after training

Along with amino acids and proteins, one of the best known supplements is creatine, which should be taken before, during and after training. It helps us to achieve more energy, more strength and consequently more performance and better muscle development. However, when taking creatine it should be taken into consideration that it becomes less effective over time, so that every 3 months it is convenient to take it for about thirty days without taking it to start the cycle again in the fifth month and that it is effective again.

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