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The best tips for running in summer

The best tips for running in summer
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Running in summer is very, very different from the rest of the year. In most of Spain the heat is so great throughout the whole day that you must take some singular measures to do it with caution and security. But it is also a season of the year in which thanks to the holidays quite a few people are encouraged to practice a sport with which they had only had a certain relationship. Whether you’re a frequent runner or you’re just starting out on the running planet, these summer running tips will help you do it without putting your health at risk.

The best tips for running in summer

1. Time and schedule are fundamental

We don’t talk about chronological time, but rather about climatological time. It is essential to be aware of weather forecasts and to program the race schedule according to what they announce. In general, in summer, and in particularly hot areas, the best thing to do is to run at dawn or early in the morning or after sunset, as these are the hours when the temperature is lowest.

The relative humidity of the air must also be taken into account. With heat the higher the relative humidity, the greater the complexity of transpiration for the body.

2. Run in shaded areas or indoors

Some runners choose to run on a treadmill on the hottest summer days rather than outdoors because they can’t do it at the best times or because they have to train in hot cities. Each person has a tolerance to heat and humidity, and if yours is not very high, is an alternative to assess. If you choose to do it this way, curved treadmills are the most similar option to running outdoors.

But most of the time it’s enough to choose a summer running course where you can enjoy shade. A wooded area, to serve as an example, is always and in all circumstances a good choice.

3. Adjusting to the heat will help you run in summer

Going from a cool temperature to a long run and with high temperature is not good. The best thing to do is to mold yourself to the heat. You can take a warm shower before going for a run, or sleep without air conditioning. Adaptation is essential in order for your body to react well in specific circumstances. It is not exactly the same to run at thirty-eight degrees for those who have never done it before, as for those who live in an area where this temperature is frequent in summer and are used to training with it.

4. Convenient hydration is more essential than ever

It is essential that you start running with your body properly hydrated and not just by drinking two glasses of water before you start. Take care to hydrate yourself correctly for at least twenty-four hours before you start exercising. Remember that generally, for every hour of exercise, your body needs to ingest about 1 and 1/2 liters of fluid. In addition to this, it is recommended that it contains electrolytes, since through sweat you will lose a large amount of mineral salts. Try to drink a suitable drink every ten minutes of running and also hydrate yourself properly after you finish exercising.

The best tips for running in summer

5. Limits heating time

Warming up is still necessary for running in summer, but it doesn’t have to be as long as in winter. Less time is going to be enough, while the ambient heat helps the muscles to get the right temperature to start running safely.

6. Photoprotection is not an alternative, it is an obligation

Using a suitable photoprotection cream and sports sunglasses is necessary. This way you’ll avoid skin burns, headaches and eye damage.

7. Wear lightweight, breathable clothing

It is very important to wear clothing that assists your body to hold itself in an unbeatable temperature. Choose lightweight, breathable fabrics in light-coloured garments that do not absorb the sun’s rays. Loose clothing is a great idea for running in summer, although it’s essential that you feel comfortable here as well. Shorts and tank tops are a huge choice. A visor must be used to protect your head from the heat.

8. Plan your workouts well in advance.

In this way you will be able to take into consideration certain issues that we have mentioned such as doing it in the hours with better temperature or do a tour in areas under the shade. But it is also interesting to consider other issues such as going through a fountain to wet your face or to drink water, going through the place where you parked the tourism to collect new bottles of liquid from the refrigerator in the trunk or so that your training coincides with the time of sprinkler irrigation in a public park or an urbanization with specific gardens.

9. Having a support person is ideal for running safely in the summer.

You can either ride your bike or wait at a specific point on the route to give you a clean visor and bottles of spare isotonic drink to refresh you, and even attend a change of t-shirt. Or you can make sure you don’t overdo it and strain your body more than you should.

10. If you notice that your body resents, for training

Knowing when is enough is essential when running with a lot of heat and partially high humidity. In the event of dehydration or heat stroke, stop. Intense headache, desire to return or intense fatigue are signs to stop the race.

The best tips for running in summer

11. Lower your anatomical temperature progressively

After the race, soak in time water and drink carbonated drinks. Do not immerse yourself in cold water or take polo shirts right after you stop running to avoid going into shock.

Stop worrying, autumn is nearer.

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