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The collection that will make you shine in your workouts

The collection that will make you shine in your workouts
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Christmas is coming, one of the most beautiful seasons of the year. The streets are filled with lights and colors, the illusion overwhelms us and family dinners bring us all together again. More? What about our trainings, what do we do with them? Let us affirm that these are the ones that are most altered throughout these dates, making them a rather difficult task to combine with so much celebration.

The collection that will make you shine in your workouts

The best thing is to find the balance between the two things, to intermingle the good sensations that we have in these days of happiness and to transfer them to those minutes of gold that you are going to have left to carry out your exercises.

If you want to be amazed or surprised by someone who takes our sporting tastes into account this Christmas, Nike’s Rose Gold Collection is going to be the ideal choice. It is perfect to give that touch of glamour and shine so outstanding these days in unison that gives us efficiency and comfort to achieve our new goals.

For feelforfit it has been a discovery to find a line that contains as many pieces of clothing as there are disciplines. Boxing, cardio, high intensity training (HIIT), strength training … each of these training finds in this compilation so unique his concrete garment. It is truly such and as if it were a huge gift box! The bras, t-shirts, tights and more than five genres of sneakers make up this great series developed with a touch of red gold and golden sparkles.

These are really the precise sets to illuminate and stand out in your trainings!

On this occasion, we have decided to create a completely developed outfit for one of the most innovative and demanded training modalities, which every day mobilizes an endless number of people, the HIIT. Its high level of training, requires the sports equipment to follow at one hundred percent the different movements that characterize it and at the same time ensure safety and complete transpiration.

The collection that will make you shine in your workouts

The key to ensuring all these requirements and achieving a tenth training, is undoubtedly a good shoe. We decided to try and opt for the Nike Air Zoom Strong, thinking that they would be the most accurate for our training genre, but they have far surpassed our initial hopes, they have really amazed us!


  • The HIIT exercises are known for their incessant rebound and intensity level of the exercises. When we tried the slippers for the first time, we appreciated at the moment that they were molded in a great way and that their sock shape would leave at all times the full movement of the foot. To achieve with only one element the suppression of worry of a possible exit of the sport given by the intensity, is to make feel good and safe to the wearer. This made us feel that we had no limits in training and that nothing would come before us, a feeling of lightness and excellent strength!
  • Another detail to highlight is its reactive damping; when we performed the rebound exercises so indispensable in this series of trainings, we appreciated that as we went up and down the boxes, our heels adapted to the footprint and the way we landed. The feeling of elasticity in the sole of the footwear is noticeable from the first moment, this is thanks to its Zoom Air sole that gives name to the model.
  • Breathability is evident in its mesh upper structure, which with its minimalist design but very elegant black and gold, makes your foot is fresh throughout the performance of the exercises.
  • Finally the lower part; its double sole has enchanted us! With its white sole, notes as we said before the cushioning, but with its extra rubber sole you will feel the adaptation and fixation in each and every one of the terrains. Whether you’re in the gym or outdoors, the adhesion to each and every one of the materials is incredible.
  • As a finishing touch to the design of the shoe, we find the fastening band that is just above the laces. Just in case we didn’t feel safe anymore, Nike finishes these sports shoes incorporating a novel factor of maximum fixation.

We have used them to train with high intensity intervals, but after reviewing their peculiarities, we corroborate their use in disciplines such as Kick boxing, boxing or strength training. They have become without any doubt, one of the accessories that we would still use as a combination of a casual look to go out comfortably on the street. Its colors and design are so easy and very elegant that it has become part of our basics. It’s more than just a sneaker!


If what you like is comfort without compressions, these are your tights! It is true that there is a type of sports mesh that highlights your silhouette, increase your buttocks and flatten your abdomen, but usually these are a thick tissue that at the time of doing the exercises bother you and become something just aesthetic. When we tried Nike Pro meshes, we felt the opposite; the fabric is flexible so it conforms to your shapes without any kind of care, its waist is thin but fits the abdomen leaving it relaxed but defined and meridianally we have been fascinated by its design of golden shines on a neutral black background.

When we have trained with them, their Dri-Fit technology has kept us completely dry even though the exercises have made us sweat and suffocate. We think that the comfort and efficiency that these easy tights give you are ideal for any kind of training.

The collection that will make you shine in your workouts


Flow Met


T-Shirt has conquered us,


wide straps give you a better fixation in unison with its large lateral openings that give you freshness and lightness of movement. In the back there is a panel of meshes that gives you a greater sensation of freshness when you feel an excessive heat, believe us that it will help you! What pleases us the most is to be able to train peacefully without worrying about our clothes and this one has achieved it

! Prove

to yourself that you can with everything, that you are capable of surpassing yourself day by day and that thanks to your sacrifices you can shine more than ever

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Nike Zoned Sculpt

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