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The definitive guide to getting started in triathlon

The definitive guide to getting started in triathlon
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It’s a tough and exciting discipline that has more and more fans. It demands essential physical preparation and daily training over weeks. If you’re ready to face the challenge, take note of the steps needed to get started in the triathlon we’re reviewing now.

Swimming, cycling and running are the 3 sports that make up a triathlon event. Achieving a good brand in each and every one of them is essential to successfully overcome it. Speed, power and above all resistance… These are the goals of a triathlete who knows that in order to achieve them he will have to work very hard.

If you want to start in triathlon, you must start by aspiring to be able to complete a basic test, the least demanding one, included in the sprint category. It consists of seven hundred and fifty metres of swimming, twenty kilometres of cycling and five kilometres of walking. Not bad for a first challenge. To address this, take a look at these tips for triathlon beginners.

How to start preparing a triathlon from scratch

Calculate that to be prepared for a first test you will need to train between 2 and 3 months, always and in all circumstances depending on the physical way you start from. A general medical examination is more than advisable bearing in mind the demand for this discipline. If you also have the advice of a personal trainer, you will find it easier to take the first steps in triathlon.

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As you begin running and begin your preparation for your first triathlon run, keep in mind that you will need to establish a detailed triathlon training plan. Specialists recommend that you start training each sport separately for at least the first 2 weeks. Do not attempt to make a complete”Ironman”, combining the 3, the first of the days. It is a matter of planning the different sessions respecting the breaks between them. To begin with, 1? two sessions per week focusing on each and every activity is a convenient rhythm.

For example, this is one case of the training plan you can pursue to prepare a triathlon from scratch:

  • Monday: swimming (ten long with breaks).
  • Tuesday: active rest, with a very fast pace.
  • Wednesday: bike on a flat surface for at least 30 minutes.
  • Thursday: rest.
  • Friday: Running combining jogging and a high intensity stretch.
  • Saturday: rest.
  • Sunday: the activity of your choice of the 3 o’clock.

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In the following weeks you will be able to start the cross training or combined training in 2 days: swimming + running (in the same morning), cycling + running? only in the last weeks you will be able to train the 3 sports in a row.

  • Training with a heart rate monitor, to monitor your heart rate, is essential, because it will help you to adjust your training to your physical condition, always and in all circumstances surely for your health and without losing sight of the purpose of progressing performance.
  • As you progress in your physical condition, increase minutes in each session progressively (by ten percent auxiliary each time).
  • When the time comes for your first triathlon initiation test, it is essential that you include and practice the changes between one activity and another as part of your own training. Every second counts and the transition from one sport to another has its complications.
  • If you’re going to start triathlon, you must learn to monitor your breathing as an efficient procedure for more endurance and less fatigue.
  • The work of strength and power in the gym is always and in all circumstances a good complement when you start out as a triathlete.
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Practical tips for starting triathlon training

The basis to start training for a triathlon and get to the goal is to be constant in your training, but, apart from the sport activity itself, keep in mind 3 important aspects:

  1. You will need suitable equipment and materials: bicycle, glasses, perhaps a neoprene, ultra light sneakers, etc.
  2. Watch your diet. A nutrition that provides you with each and every one of the nutrients you need, in the right proportion, is your best ally.
  3. Prepare yourself psychologically as well. A triathlon event is a challenge and it is essential to find motivation. Get ready for your?premiere? with enthusiasm, but knowing that it’s all about having fun, playing a full sport, while trying to excel yourself. Getting your first triathlon done the first time is not always and always easy. Don’t worry, there’s gonna be a second one.

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