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To achieve your goals, as essential as having sufficient perseverance at the time of performing the different routines, is to have a weekly training plan that includes the ideal exercises for you in the right proportion and order and maintaining the precise rest times. Once the Christmas holidays are over, it's a good time to organize your weekly training with the right criteria.

A weekly training plan that includes different stages according to your fitness level, establishing the routines to be followed, is essential whether you are determined to start a workout, or if you want to take a step further and advance in the intensity of your exercises.

The method for preparing a weekly training plan should always take 3 variables into consideration:

  1. Personal goals: lose weight, strengthen, increase muscle power, increase endurance, gain speed in the race, etc.
  2. Individual circumstances and preferences: your schedule, your lifestyle, your sedentary lifestyle, your preferences for one sport or another, etc.
  3. Your own physical condition: age, constitution (anatomical mass index), sex, level of training, etc.

Weekly step-by-step training plan

To establish your training plan each week, it is essential to know how much time you will need to spend on cardiovascular exercise and those focused on strength training, keeping in mind, in addition to this, how essential it is to set and respect rest periods between sessions.

Among the general tips when setting the guidelines for your weekly training plan, keep the following in mind:

  • Train a maximum of 5 days a week as your body needs to rest at least 2 days. If you are starting out, 3 days of hard work is enough. Little by little you will be able to increase your sessions.
  • It is preferable to do each type of training on alternate days, to give an example, on the first day of the week you can focus on cardiovascular exercise, rest on Tuesday and dedicate Wednesday to strength and power training. If you want to do both types of training on the same day, you must reduce the intensity of the two, leaving a minimum of rest between the two and always starting with strength exercises in all circumstances.
  • If you are a beginner, start little by little, with basic exercises that let you learn correct postures and techniques (without using weights).

Example of a weekly training routine

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Do you want to design your training plan? Whether you opt for cross training such as combining cardio with strength training, it's essential to plan your routine. A case of an intermediate level weekly training plan could be:

Monday: 1 or 2 series, according to training level, with at least 1 minute rest between each one:

  • Heating for eight minutes
  • Squats ten to fifteen repetitions
  • Push-ups eight ? ten repetitions
  • Eight-ten stride with each leg
  • Climber (climb mountain) twenty to forty seconds.
  • Abdominals eight - ten repetitions.
  • Finish with proper stretching

Tuesday: Break

Wednesday: Intense cardio workout with one of the following activities or a combination of multiple activities, for example:

  • 15 ? twenty minutes of smooth running with high intensity intervals + five minutes of rest + ten minutes of cycling.
  • Running fifteen ? twenty minutes (with high intensity intervals) + five minutes rest + ten? fifteen minutes swimming starting with crawl style and ending with breaststroke.
  • 10 ? fifteen minutes of cycling combining different intensities + five minutes of rest + twenty minutes of walking or walking at a medium pace.
  • Cardio training at the gym: jumping rope, rowing, crossfit session, spinning,...

Thursday: rest

Friday: 1, 2 or 3 series, depending on the level, with at least 1 minute rest between each of them.

  • Dominated eight ? ten repetitions
  • Funds in bank eight ? 10
  • Deceased weight with ten - twelve bar (without weight or with moderate weight according to level)
  • Eight leg extensions ? 10
  • Arm extensions eight ? 10
  • Press bench ten ? twelve (without weight or moderate weight)
  • Finish with proper stretching

Saturday: Break

Sunday: Rest or moderate aerobic activity

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