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The diet you’re looking for to define muscles and burn fat

The diet you’re looking for to define muscles and burn fat
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The diet you're looking for to define muscles and burn fat

To have a firm, toned body, without extra kilograms and without a hint of flaccidity is an affordable ideal. Genetics influence, but exercise and proper nutrition can assist you in achieving that goal. The diet that burns fat and defines muscles exists and continuing it is a guarantee of supporting your weight by taking care of your muscles.

It’s the problem many athletes face. I need to get rid of piles of fat without my muscles sagging and losing volume and power. A convenient diet, which adapts to your needs and objectives, is always and at all times the perfect complement to any aerobic and strength training. If you want to eliminate fat and limit muscle, a good balance between carbohydrate and protein intake is essential.

4 Basic Tips for Gaining Muscle Mass and Losing Fat

It is just as bad not to eat enough or to continue for long periods of time on an empty stomach as it is to eat too many calories. The practice of intense exercise requires that you take the essential carbohydrates to gain muscle mass, to provide the energy you need, but always and at all times in its right measure. If you ingest too much, your body will not resort to piled fats and you will not achieve the desired progressive weight loss.

The diet you're looking for to define muscles and burn fat

In a diet to burn fat without losing muscle is essential to get the balance between the calories you eat and your energy expenditure. You spend more energy than you get from food, your body will pull its fat reserves. That’s what it’s all about. To achieve this, always and in all circumstances take slow absorbing carbohydrates and as a first step, reduce their presence in your diet by five to ten percent. Other effective measures are:

  1. Eat 5 or 6 meals each day in moderate amounts. Remember that taking food, without allowing too many hours to pass on an empty stomach, contributes to sustaining the metabolic process which, in itself, is an essential and progressive calorific expense.
  2. Protein is the key. In a diet that aims to suppress fat and delimit muscle, protein is essential to sustain unchanged muscle tissue. If you train strength and don’t get enough, your muscles will go into a catabolic phase losing tone and power.
  3. Reduce fats but do not fully suppress them, as they are also necessary in a balanced diet. What’s left over are unhealthy fats (supersaturated and trans).
  4. Hydration. Increasing the intake of liquids, especially water, is essential for 2 reasons: because it is essential to sustain the volume of your muscles and get them the nutrients they need and the fact that their adequate level in your body will help remove more fats and toxins.

Example of a diet to limit the muscles and burn fat

We must remember that a diet always and at all times must be adapted and adapted to the peculiarities and needs of each athlete but so that you have an idea, here is how would be a diet whose goal is to suppress fat and sustain muscle tone and volume. Starting from the basic foodstuffs it contains, you can make your menus to gain muscle and burn fat progressively:

Ideal breakfasts to gain muscle and lose fat

The diet you're looking for to define muscles and burn fat

  • Bowl of skimmed milk with whole grains such as oat flakes, spelt, rice.
  • Piece of fruit: banana, orange, kiwi, apple.
  • Egg (with greater presence of egg whites), for serving as an example, a scrambled egg of 2 egg whites and a single egg yolk.
  • Yogurt with red fruits.
  • Coffee, alone or with skimmed milk.

Snacks or snacks to burn fat and muscle

  • Infusion
  • Fruit juice (advisable if you are going to train later).
  • Slice of wholemeal bread with olive oil and tomato/ some low-fat sausage (turkey breast)/tinned tuna.
  • Whole grain bar.
  • Detox shake (paths and vegetables) or protein shake (always and at all times after strength training).

Recommended lunches and dinners to gain muscle mass and lose fat

  • Pasta, rice? Always and at all times in moderate rations, no more than seventy-five gr. – A hundred grams per meal.
  • Chicken breast, veal fillet (lean meats), fish? cooked in the oven or grilled.
  • Garnishes and first: vegetable creams, gazpacho, salads (lettuce, cucumber, tomato, onion, pepper?), stews, boiled or sautéed broccoli, mushrooms, artichokes?

By preparing menus based on these foods and combining aerobic and strength exercises you will be able to burn fat by taking care of your muscles before and after each training.

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