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Barre Fitness training is one of the newest techniques for practicing exercise by improving anatomical posture while defining the different muscle sets. Since you are encouraged to try this new modality of fitness.

If you still don't know what Barre Fitness is, you'll be interested to know that it's a fun, complete sport and a great option to burn fat piles without too much care. For all these reasons, more and more people are practicing Barre Fitness every day, combining cardio with strength exercises and observing, in each one of them, the correct posture to gain coordination, balance and flexibility. Discover now all you need to know about Barre Fitness and its main benefits.

What exactly is Barre Fitness?

The situations and movements of traditional dance are the basis of Barre Fitness, a training technique that also incorporates elements from other disciplines such as pilates or yoga. It is a strength and low impact training that can be done by virtually anyone, including pregnant women.

The ballet bar is the key to a large number of exercises. With her you hold the position while you work. The fitness bar consists of doing multiple repetitions of short and far apart movements that achieve isometric contractions, that is, your muscles contract and stretch, holding the tension and maximum care, with hardly any movement. Jumping, racing, cycling? have no place in this genre of training.


Benefits of Barre Fitness

But what are the advantages of practicing Barre Fitness? Many of them will surprise you:

  • You don't have to be in great physical shape to start practicing it, and don't get confused, it's not like you need to know anything about ballet either.
  • The whole body is worked on: upper and lower extremities and wood to have a harmonious figure.
  • The secret of its success lies in its ability to combine great muscle tone with effective calorie-burning that allows more fat to be removed. The fat"disappears" so that your muscles sprout with greater definition.
  • Working on the proper alignment of the body in each and every one of the exercises included in the Barre Fitness training you gain in flexibility and balance, achieving, in addition to this, that good posture is consolidated in your every day. In this sense, this technique helps to prevent possible injuries that are linked to bad postures at work or in the development of any activity.

What is the Barre Fitness training routine like?

Barre Fitness training includes a wide variety of exercises. Some are done on the floor and others standing, with the ballet bar as a support point. Each and every one of the muscle groups is generally worked on using only the body itself as an element of resistance. Only light weight dumbbells (+/- 1 kg.) and small balls are used for very specific exercises. While the included cardio movements are low impact, the fitness sweep raises your heart rate because the muscular work of strength is intense. The result is a perfect toning that translates into a flat abdomen and firm, well-contoured arms and legs.

In general, the session begins with floor exercises and without a bar. To the sound of the music, a general warm-up including stretching and gentle cardio is performed. The second part, the most intense part of the training sweeps fitness is done using the bar as a support point. Arm lifts, front and side leg extensions, hip twists, front and back wood push-ups? are certain essential exercises that are part of any ballet dancer's training and are present in the Barre Fitness.

If you want to stay in shape,"sculpt" your muscles and have a more refined and harmonious silhouette, Barre Fitness is a refreshing option to consider.

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