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Test your muscular endurance with this circuit of five exercises that you must perform at a good pace: the faster the better. Do fifty repetitions of each of the exercises we're talking about now, which should sound like a lot to you. You can do them in the order you prefer, from easier to harder, on the contrary, or alternating those that cost you more with those that cost you less.

The essential thing is that you perform the five-fifty challenge as quickly as possible, always and at all times holding good posture in each and every exercise, and doing it efficiently. Check the time it takes and memorize it in your heart rate monitor or take note of the final time spent, to try to improve it every time you do the circuit.

1. Squats

Stand up, with your hands behind your head (on the back of your neck), your chest facing out and your elbows facing back. Lower your hips by bending your knees as far as you can, without losing the natural arch of your spine. Contract the buttocks and then return to the initial situation, to proceed to repeat the exercise fifty times in a row.

2. Jumping Jack

Stand upright, with your feet together, firm and aligned, with both arms at the sides of your body, close to it. Get ready for the change: at the same time you must raise your arms outstretched above your head, as if your hands wanted to be high, and jump by spreading your legs at a greater distance than your shoulders (about forty centimetres). And it jumps back to resume the initial situation. Repeat the entire exercise fifty times.

To increase the hardness of the exercise you can use an elastic band around your feet to increase the level of resistance when jumping to separate your legs.

3. Mountain Climber

In an ironing position, as if you were going to do a flexion, move your right knee forward toward your chest, holding your head in line with your body, and then return it to its original position. Now it's the left knee's turn. To do the exercise properly, you must alternate your legs with a small jump, as fast as you can, and repeat the action consecutively until you achieve the fifty repetitions.

4. Push ups

With the traditional posture of push-ups, i.e. legs stretched out and hands placed in parallel, at exactly the same distance as the shoulders. Contract your abs and start to lower your body tight and firm, bending your elbows as if you wanted to touch the floor with your chest. Now, raise the body by spreading the arms. Repeat the exercise fifty times.

5. Abdominals

Lie on your back with your knees bent and your feet on the floor. Put your hands behind your head (on the nape of your neck), but don't hold your head, because the pressure is going to be on your neck. Keep your neck aligned with your back straight, and use your abs to lift your shoulders and upper back off the floor, just a few inches, no more. Go back to the initial position, and repeat the exercise fifty times more.

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