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The great doubt Shiit or Liss?

The great doubt Shiit or Liss?
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Is it considered the enormous cardio debate, are the long sessions of low intensity or the short sessions of high intensity trainings better?

The great doubt Shiit or Liss?

Once the two trainings have been described in other articles, we will proceed to equalize them, leaving aside the preferences and being objective.

The answer to this question is as simple as saying “it depends”. It depends on you and your goals. For this reason an ideal cardio program can change widely between people, simply because the recipe is flexible.

When your goal is only to lose weight, endurance or cardiovascular improvement, we will be talking about a specific exercise genre that is different from if you want to burn fat without losing muscle and strength.

The great doubt Shiit or Liss?

Another essential fact to take into account is the definition or rather what we understand by a HIIT or LISS training. Most people only associate the LISS with a training of more or less thirty or forty minutes, but if you are doing training of these peculiarities, can you only allow that time?

If it is true that walking can contribute perfectly to losing weight over time. The disadvantage of low intensity training is that it is inefficient if we equate it with the effectiveness of the HIIT. Let us affirm that the amount of calories lost per unit of time is much lower. So if you decide to do this kind of exercise, you will have to know and take into consideration that your goals will take longer to arrive.

It is clear that if your main objective is the burning of fats, what is advised is to work intensely in the time you have.

The great doubt Shiit or Liss?

But when your goal includes not losing muscle and burning fat, you need another reasoning. Multiple investigations on the training of resistance, have detailed that the excess of work infers in the force and in the hypertrophy. It is precisely for this reason that many bodybuilders avoid running, arguing that it can generate the reduction of their bodybuilding.

Finally we have to say that in the case of short sprints and also intense are superior to the traditional long-duration cardio, with the purpose of retaining lean mass, so that in such a case the HIIT would work better than LISS. One of the clear cases where LISS training is meridianally superior to HIIT, is in overweight people, as it is less belligerent for the joints and coupled with a good diet will be suitable for fat burning.

With all this what we want to clarify is that there is not an ideal cardio typology for everyone, when between your objectives and goals is the loss of fat, each and every one of the trainings HIIT, LISS and even MIIT are good. The essential thing is to take into consideration that both frequency, duration and perfect mode are essential and that care must be taken with them as they relate to strength and muscles.

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