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Women are hormones, we know that. In those days we have them absolutely revolutionized and because of this we don't know what happens to us, our moods change in a matter of minutes, but does this affect us or does it favor us at the moment of training?

There are many studies that notify us that it is completely safe to exercise along the rule, in fact there may be benefits throughout the execution of the exercises, in what way for example: a reduction of cramps or a greater tolerance to pain. These hormonal changes do not affect your strength and endurance.

In addition, exercise releases endorphins that cause bliss, making you feel happier after training. Take advantage of this symptom to build up your courage and decide to go to the gym.

If you dare and don't want to do your routine day by day, we propose a completely safe routine that combines high intensity exercises with functional exercises, all focused on getting the inner strength out.



This is a flexible banding exercise. First hold the band with one of your feet and then stride back with your opposite leg, forming a 90-degree angle with your primary leg, always and in all circumstances without the knee touching the ground. Do ten repetitions and repeat with the other leg.


Skipping, a purely cardio exercise, to give power to the legs, but highly recommended for these days. You simply have to lift your knees as high as possible, accompanying them with your hands. The duration of this exercise is about thirty seconds.


Another exercise with flexible bands, hold the band at one point, then bring the bands face to face, just as if you were rowing and then do a squat. Do ten repetitions and repeat with the other arm.


Pushups touching shoulders. There are many variations of this type of push-ups depending on the intensity you want to add to the exercise. The most basic thing is to rest your knees on the mat and do a normal flexion, lowering your body and touching one of your shoulders on the way up, first with one hand and then with the other. The next level would be without supporting your knees, you will need more strength throughout your body to be able to maintain and finish the exercise in the same way as the previous one, doing a flexion and then touching your shoulders. Make ten repetitions.

If you feel strong enough, repeat this circuit for a total of two-three times. It should be made clear that all these exercises are concrete for these days, but if you do not feel strong or are in pain, it is better not to force the body. It is essential to know how to listen to ourselves and see where our limits lie. Sometimes what our body needs is rest!

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