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The importance of training abductors and adductors

The importance of training abductors and adductors
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Your goal is to delimit your buttocks and legs? If you want to brag about firm, well-contoured legs and make sure your limbs are in good shape and your best support in any physical activity you undertake, discover the importance of abductors and adductors when training, now.

The importance of training abductors and adductors

What is the function of abductors and adductors?

They are 2 complementary and opposing muscle groups about which there is some confusion due to the similarity in their name. The hip abductors are located on the outer face of the thigh and are primarily the buttocks (major, middle and minor) and the pyramidal muscle, while the adductors are those that are located on the inner face, among others: major, middle and short adductors and also the pectineo muscle.

The 2 groups intervene directly in the movement of the legs, so it is essential to train abductors and adductors to maintain always and at all times a good posture and precise anatomical balance. The abductors assist in separating the legs. They pull our thighs, to serve as an example, when doing a lateral elevation. The adductors, on the other hand, do just the opposite, that is, they let us join our legs or cross them in a given instant. The perfect combination and coordination between the two sets is essential. To dismantle us of foot, until to carry out a test of running with all and each one of the guarantees, depends, in part, on them.

The importance of training abductors and adductors

Why is it essential to work with abductors and adductors?

When we think of working the muscles of the lower body, quadriceps, hamstrings or twins collect stardom and focus all our attention, but we should not forget that there are other sets, equally essential, especially if your goal is to gain strength and power in the legs. Training abductors and adductors you will achieve:

Greater stability and range of motion in the lower extremities

By working on the abduction (face out) and adduction (face in) movements you will make these muscle groups your best allies when it comes to achieving greater stability throughout your body. Firm, well-developed abductors and adductors help stabilize the pelvis, even influencing the good posture of the spine. In addition to this, they are indispensable for movements such as external rotations (legs, hips or knees) with greater amplitude and greater safety when it comes to preventing injuries.

Flaccidity under control

The inner side of the thighs is one of the areas most prone to flaccidity. In this sense, specific exercises to train abductors and adductors, especially those focused on adductors, are a guarantee of strong, toned legs with no signs of unsightly sagging.

The importance of training abductors and adductors

Better results in general leg training

Absolutely each and every one of the muscles of the lower extremities intervene when it comes to making our locomotor system work perfectly. The connection between muscles, tendons and joints is total, so including the exercises for abductors and adductors in the training will result in greater performance of the major muscles considered more “important”, such as the quadriceps, optimizing the results of each of the sessions of both aerobic training and strength.

More power and flexibility

It’s one of the great benefits of training abductors and adductors. Elevations, rotations, stretching, contractions with resistance? are concrete exercises that contribute to their development and that, in only a few months of training, will show perceptible results. More power, to give an example, in each and every stride when running or more flexibility when descending and ascending doing a squat… are just 2 situations that prove that working the abductor and adductor muscles always and in all circumstances improves results.

Whether you practice fitness in the gym, as if your objective is to progress in another sporting activity that requires a good development of the musculature of the lower train: cycling, runninng, football, athletics … Remember that it is essential not to leave abductors and adductors out of your training.

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