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You won the Arnold beginner bikini title last year, but you practically lost everything. How did that work out?

It was foolishness! I was halfway to the event and I had my times mixed up, so I had to race to get there on time. This could have really helped. I generally follow a routine: I take honey and train with resistance bands for 2 hours already before the pre-court. Even with this, there is a good amount of waiting time, sitting and it is exhausting. I think she was more relaxed on stage, as the result showed.

What brought you into this?

I've been on the fitness planet for many, many years. But also, when you're young, you go out celebrating and drinking. I was always and at all times training in the gym, but my diet was not convenient.

A year ago I met my current boyfriend, who is an IFBBB professional today. I was just getting started on that, so I went to his shows? I didn't even know there was such a thing as a bikini. The whole planet I knew was telling me,"Why don't you try it? Do you do very hard exercise routines? And I was like,"I don't know, I haven't the faintest idea how to do it.

Finally, I made the resolution? I didn't tell anyone, I just started preparing. And in my first show, I was first in the general standings! I was so moved and overwhelmed that the next day I signed up for 5 more shows. I fell completely in love with this planet.

What kind of changes have you seen in the first year?

I've improved my physique a lot. I was really skinny before. Now I literally live in the gym, and I go my own way when I'm there. I put on my headphones and my hood and start working. I don't like to chat. If you see me in the gym, you'll think I'm a very dry person, and I'm the nicest person there is ? but when I'm training, I just want to be with myself. I've got this terrible face, like from: "Don't bother this girl at all.

Did you need some time to get used to the competition diet?

I used to eat 2 to 3 times a day and my body needed hours and hours to digest the food. I finally found what works for me. I make multiple small meals. I cook a lot, and I eat a lot of different and exquisite things. If you want to be happy, you must find the perfect way to enjoy what you eat and still continue to enjoy your life.

People think that if you want to stay fit you should only eat those chicken breasts with broccoli and only, but you can also like them. We are all human and want to try good things. That's precisely why I don't eat out of the house anymore; I cook everything myself.

I receive a large number of emails and messages in Fb and on my enthusiasts' page, and a lot of girls tell me about it. I'm trying to keep my weight in shape, but I can't put aside all those sweets, what are you proposing? I know I need to eat better, but I can't? And I say to them,"Why are you asking me this if you say you can't stop taking certain things? It means you don't want it with your strength, and you need to get to feel that.

For what reason do you feel attracted to boys?

I look especially at kids who look good and take care of themselves. I want them to look good and fit ? a good body, a pretty face. But if you're an asshole, you're an asshole. Most of the time you look at the body, but then you realize that the person doesn't really just have.

The most essential for me is a sense of humor. You must make me laugh. That's all I need. If you know how to make me laugh, you got it. I would never be with a person just because he has a pretty face or something like that?

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