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The key training for the runner: 10 moves you’re missing

The key training for the runner: 10 moves you’re missing
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Running is a natural human movement, but not for this reason, we must avoid training. A unique fitness program for your outings, which is based on mileage, will get you far away.

The key training for the runner: 10 moves you're missing

It is for this reason that concrete preparation programmes are so much in demand today. The strength of creating smarter, more injury-free runners is what drives us to give you the keys and training to be a ten runner.

1) Active preparation: To begin, activating the muscle groups actively is one of the most essential steps at the beginning. Building good support points such as good arms or a powerful stride is a priority.

The key training for the runner: 10 moves you're missing

2) Muscle strength and endurance set/AMRAP: Explosive execution can create overuse injuries or muscle injuries. When AMRAP trainings are carried out, it is particularly important to strengthen the joints, the weak areas and, above all, to create an integrity in the postures.

3) Speed / Agility / Reaction: We will always work on different exercises of speed, agility and reaction both alone and in teams.

The key training for the runner: 10 moves you're missing

4) Training: The following twelve exercises can be added to other trainings. You will have to perform the four active preparation exercises in thirty seconds each, making sixteen to twenty repetitions. In the case of AMRAP training, it continues as a circuit of ten to twenty repetitions in five minutes or performs as many repetitions as possible.

Active Preparation 1:

  • Start in ironing situation.
  • Lift your hips and try to achieve with your left hand the right ankle, holding your arms and legs as straight as possible.
  • Go back to the initial situation and repeat with the other side.

Active Preparation 2:

  • It begins in an ironing position supporting the forearms, directly under the shoulders.
  • Extend the right arm with the palm facing the side, so that it is parallel to the ground. Raise the left and lower the right.
  • Then he lifts one foot and then the other.
  • Start the movement again alternating the arms and legs about sixteen to twenty repetitions.

Active Preparation 3:

  • Standing, brings the right knee to waist height
  • He then immediately brings the left knee to the waist and also reverses the movements.
  • Help yourself with your hands so you don’t lose your balance.
  • You can do this movement in a static situation or if you prefer you can move, taking small jumps.

Active Preparation 4:

  • Standing up, open your feet by reference to the width of your hips.
  • It bends the knees gently and also incorporates a resistance band above them.
  • Bend your elbows and start with the lateral squat movement.
  • Step right with your right foot and continue movement with your left foot.
  • Once finished do the reverse movement, move the left foot to the left and continue with the right.
  • Continue this sequence of eight to ten steps to the right. Then change direction and repeat the opposite until you start again. Do sixteen at twenty paces.

AMRAP 1: V and Superman Abdominals

  • Lie on your back with your legs together and stretched out. Arms outstretched over your head.
  • The first move is to make a V with your feet and arms.
  • Then look at yourself and with your body face down, elevate your legs and arms (superman) as high as possible.

AMRAP 2: The Cross

  • When standing, raise your right knee as high as possible.
  • He then bends his leg backwards and touches the ground with his right hand until you are parallel.
  • Stay in the final situation for a few minutes and repeat the movement with the left side.

AMRAP 3: Side Zig Zag with recoil

  • Using the arms and the impulse of the legs, face forward the right foot as far to the right as possible.
  • Immediately do the same with your left leg to avoid the fall.
  • To finish, he reclaims by running backwards.
  • Alternate this movement ten times and repeat it from two to three series.

AMRAP 4: Burpee Long Jump

  • Squat down, arms facing back.
  • Using as much impulse as possible, push your hips forward and jump.
  • Gently land with a squatting situation and then hands down.
  • Do a flexion and jump to start the movement again.


  • Organize at least 6 obstacles in a row, putting them about 0.5m apart.
  • Looking forward, he jumps sideways, first lifting his right knee between the first obstacle and then lifting his left knee.
  • When you’re done, run again to start.


  • Anchor a band to something very sturdy, like a weight machine, trees, poles.
  • Circle your waist with the bar and see yourself.
  • Lean forward, raising your knees and moving your arms to create the movement of running.
  • For thirty seconds continue running and then take another thirty seconds of rest.
  • Stop and do it in the opposite direction.

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