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Although aerobic exercise involves a high calorie expenditure, if your goal is to lose a few pounds, you should be clear that you can also lose weight by training with weights. By working hard on the different muscle sets, you will not only get more toning but rather, in addition to this remove more fat piled up than you think.

To think that only Cardio's training is convenient for weight loss is a fairly common failure. Naturally, running, swimming, cycling... is a great option for burning calories immediately, but strength training can be equally or even more effective.

All you need to know to burn fat with weights

In a weight training to burn fat and score, the calorific expenditure continues for hours after the effort is over. That is the"secret" to why weight training helps you lose weight and is not restricted to just developing and strengthening your muscles. Throughout the training, the muscles work hard, raising the basal metabolism and drawing on the body's energy stores (glycogen and fat). On top of that, calorie intake doesn't stop once you've finished your journey.

You have to count on what is known as COPD, a term that refers to the oxygen consumed blog post ? training. To recover from intense training, our muscles still need oxygen and our body continues to burn calories to get it to them. Therein lies the power of weights to help you lose weight.

Maybe, by doing more aerobics sweats, more weight training, more calorie burning over a longer period of time, mostly.

How to lose weight by training with weights?

There are different types of strength training that are ideal according to the objective you are pursuing: strengthening, developing muscles, increasing stamina, losing weight... If yours is to have a firm, well-contoured figure while suppressing kilograms, then you should opt for weight training to lose weight. Also, to start making your own weights and lose those extra pounds, you need to consider the following tips:

Don't abuse your weight

It is not a question of having Schwarzenegger's biceps but rather of putting the muscles to work with fast series and a good number of repetitions, something incompatible with too much weight. Know what kinds of weights are available and which ones best fit your conditions and needs.

Mark every move

If you want to train with slimming weights, demand the most from your muscles in each and every exercise. We insist it is not a matter of load, but rather of contracting and stretching each muscle fibre well and completely. With this care you will be able to raise your basal metabolism, which is what it is all about.

Sufficient repetitions and at a medium-high pace

The number of sets and repetitions will always depend on your fitness level and training level. It is interesting to make as many as possible, but without reaching muscle failure. An average can be ten to twelve repetitions. As far as series are concerned, the best way to lose weight by doing weights is to try to do at least 2.

Train the large muscle groups

To lose weight with weights, it is preferable to perform multi-joint exercises, which involve the work of multiple muscles in unison. For example, a series of press-benches or a deadweight exercise is more effective than a series of curls focused solely on developing the biceps. In this sense, as long as you warm up even before you do weights, circuit strength training (working with wood, upper and lower body) can be as efficient at burning fat as a triathlon test.

Join 2 exercises without rest between them

If your training level is high, you can increase your calorific expenditure by performing 2 exercises of different muscle groups continuously, with minimal rest or even eliminating it. Hard work is essential in your weight training routine to burn fat, but so is the calorific expenditure.

These are the basics of weight training that you want to suppress kilos with. If that's your goal and you don't know whether to do cardio or weights to burn fat, the weight exercises that you should include in your routine include: the dumbbell stride forward, the bench press, the weight extensions, the dumbbell side press and the dumbbell squats.

Finally, remember that your body needs rest between sessions. To lose weight by training strength you should exercise every other day, for example: Monday, Wednesday and Friday, resting at least Tuesday and Thursday. On the other hand, observing your diet is also essential to achieving your goal.

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